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Why The Grimm Creators Are OK With The Show Being Canceled
Grimm has been the little show that could on Friday nights on NBC for the past five seasons. It's outlasted shows like Constantine and Dracula and will be back for a sixth and final season this winter.
What’s Cancelled And Renewed? Here's The Rundown Of How Network Shows Are Doing
One way to spot a floundering show is to keep an eye out for a major network cutting the episode order of a series, especially if it is a freshman program and therefore new to the network in question. Or, you can just check out our full guide.
The Major TV Shows That Are Ending This Season
Incredibly, we've nearly gotten to the holidays and the big five networks have yet to cancel an underperforming freshman series, although episode orders for shows like Conviction and Pure Genius have been cut.
Grimm's Creators Have Another Crazy New Show In The Works
It's a sad truth that Grimm will be ending this TV season (and will be getting a shortened episode order to boot), but when endings happen there are also often new beginnings.
NBC Fall 2016 Schedule Announced, Shifts Blindspot and The Blacklist
NBC revealed their Fall 2016 lineup today, giving us a look at how the week will play out over at the Peacock. Returning this fall are Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., along with The Voice, Grimm, Blindspot and others. Joining the schedule are This is Us, The Good Place and Timeless.
Grimm Just Got Some Annoying News From NBC
As we are nearing the end of the TV season, the networks have started to make decisions regarding which shows will move forward next fall and which will be left in the dust.It now seems as if there might be less great news for one of those renewed dramas
Grimm Season 6 Renewal Ordered By NBC
Fans of Grimm have not had it very good in the last season. Not in terms of what was actually happening on the show or anything, but with all the worrying over what NBC would do with it. Thankfully, the network's decision was a positive one.
The 12 Shows Most Likely To Be Cancelled In 2016
As shows settle in for a long winter, some, like Fargo and Wayward Pines have already been given brand new seasons. Others, however, are still churning out new content until this spring, when the networks make the final decisions on whether or not some of our favorites will be sticking around.
Grimm's Ratings Are Not Looking Good
For five seasons, Grimm has seen unprecedented success on NBC. The supernatural drama has done well thanks to a Friday night slot, but it seems as if fans are less excited than they once were. Here's what just happened.
Top 10 TV Shows Of 2014-2015, According To Twitter Fans
The Internet is where people go now to champion their favorite TV shows, and as you might imagine, some shows have far more diehard fans than others. A new study by Nielsen Social has been put together to gauge the 10 most popular shows from the 2014-2015 season, according to the most loyal fans on Twitter.
The Blacklist and Four More Dramas Renewed By NBC
This morning, NBC has followed the recent trend of renewing programming well before the end of the TV season. The network is also trying really hard not to be outdone. While CBS and Fox have gone and renewed a few TV shows, NBC has announced the renewal of 5 shows.
Constantine's Ratings Are In, Is It In Trouble?
Last night, NBC finally premiered its new drama Constantine, a new show about an exorcist and occult detective that also happens to mark the network’s first entry into DC’s comic TV realm. NBC has been looking for a stable series to pair with Grimm for quite some time, and Constantine may be a winner.
How To Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 9 And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming
We hope everyone is still alive and okay after Fall TV’s first official premiere week. When you’re not catching up on broadcasts, head over to streaming for the best new options this week had to offer, including what I’m already calling one of the best shows of the year. Big talk.
NBC 2014-2015 Line-Up Reveals New Series And Big Changes For Thursday Night
NBC has officially unveiled their 2014-2015 lineup, which reveals some big changes to their schedule the most notable of which is a very different Thursday night line-up. NBC has traditionally blocked out four half-hour slots for comedies on Thursday night, however this Fall, they've set The Biggest Loser in the 8:00 p.m. slot, followed by two new comedies and then the return of Parenthood...
Grimm, Chicago Fire And Chicago PD Renewed At NBC
Grimm lives! People say Friday is a deathslot for TV, however genre programming seems to be an exception there, as is the case for NBC's Grimm. The underrated supernatural crime procedural has held its own on Friday nights for three seasons, and it's confirmed to get a fourth.
Parks And Recreation, Parenthood, Grimm, Chicago Fire Get Web Series
And just like that: everyone and their mother is getting in on the digital series game. First came the announcement that Jason Katims’ two stalwart series — >Parenthood and Friday Night Lights — were getting the tiny tube treatment, and now it seems that several other NBC series are getting the same in the wake of their series’ hiatuses, including Parks and Recreation, Grimm, and Chicago Fire. It’s almost as if the networks are taking the Internet seriously or something.
The Reinvention Of The Crime Procedural: 5 Shows Doing It Right
The crime procedural and television go together like peanut butter and jelly, or green eggs and ham. Or, like a serial killer and a jail cell — which is probably why they’re so darn popular. For over fifty years, the crime procedural has dominated television: from Dragnet to Columbo, 21 Jump Street to Law & Order and beyond — all of these iconic procedural dramas made the case for, and canonized, the methodology behind the madness, now and forevermore. In fact, crime procedurals are the number one US television export. We seem to really love them, huh?
Grimm Spoilers: Dee Wallace And Chris Mulkey To Play Whose Parents?
While Monroe and Rosalee begin to get domestic with their relationship, it looks like the series is planning to introduce us to Monroe’s parents at some point this season. E.T.’s Dee Wallace and Friday Night Lights’ Chris Mulkey have been cast to play Monroe’s parents. And from what’s being reported, it doesn’t sound like they’re all that supportive of their son’s lifestyle choices.
Grimm Returns And Dracula Arrives To Put Some Bite In Friday Night At NBC
Thank Grimm it’s Friday! Also thank Dracula, as NBC has made the wise choice to pair their newest drama series with Grimm, creating a two-hour block of supernatural fun for TV viewers who like their drama with a bit of bite in it. Grimm returns for its third season tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET, after which Dracula makes its grand debut at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.
Grimm Season 3 Premiere: A Look Back And A Look Ahead
NBC is set to bring Grimm back this Friday night. Since it's been months since the series aired, your memory of the events of Season 2 may be a bit rusty. Allow us to offer you a refresher course in where things left off and what's coming up in the series' third season. We'll start with this handle recap video, which takes us through the highlights of last season. (Season 2 spoilers ahead!)
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