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How John Oliver Responded To Being Singled Out In The Gilmore Girls Trailer
One of the things the _Gilmore Girl_s trailer did really well was to bring back Lorelei and Rory's penchant for referencing current pop culture trends and personalities. In fact, HBO's John Oliver got a VERY memorable shoutout.
Watch John Oliver Talk Dick Pics And The NSA With Edward Snowden
Leave it to John Oliver to expose an important aspect of American security in a way that everyone can understand.
Watch How Last Week Tonight Hilariously Tackled Daylight Savings Time
For one of Last Week Tonight's latest lambasting-filled segments, daylight savings found itself in the crosshairs. And you know John Oliver and his writing team don't mince words. Check it out!
Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Renewed For Two More Seasons
If anyone out there was outwardly hoping that former Daily Show correspondent and guest host John Oliver would head back to Comedy Central to take over when Jon Stewart leaves, we have bad news for you, although it’s still technically good news if you’re a fan of Oliver in the first place.
The President Of Ecuador Just Went Off On John Oliver In Hilarious Rant
Comedian John Oliver has made some headlines in the past, but none have been quite as entertaining as his latest. The host of Last Week Tonight made his Season 2 return to HBO last Sunday, and his latest segment on Rafael Correa notably caught the eye of the Ecuadorian President himself, who then went on a massive Twitter rant.
Why John Oliver Never Goes To Parties With Celebrities Or Politicians
If there’s one thing that you can guarantee from watching an episode of HBO’s weekly political satire, Last Week Tonight it’s that John Oliver is probably going to piss someone off. But his reason for not going to parties with celebrities or politicians may surprise you.
John Oliver Has Some Crucial Advice For You On New Year's Eve
Instead of net neutrality, social justice or student debts, the former Daily Show correspondent has set his targets on how to properly handle New Year’s Eve for a web-only exclusive. Grab your notepad and check it out.
Watch John Oliver's Triumphant Return To The Daily Show
The Daily Show has seen a lot of talented comedians come and go under the tutelage of Jon Stewart, and none have followed in his footsteps quite as closely as John Oliver. Well, his footsteps led to HBO instead of Comedy Central, but you get me.
Watch John Oliver Shatter Cookie Monster's European Dreams
Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is getting ready for The Furchester Hotel, a new UK TV series that just started airing this fall. Sometimes, Cookie Monster will work at the hotel, and he recently spoke to Brit John Oliver about the differences between the UK and the American street he generally lives on.
Watch John Oliver Rant About Student Debt On Last Week Tonight
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has made a habit of pushing relevant topics in a manner that is funny and manages to work for a platform that only airs once a week. He made waves recently when tackling the net neutrality argument, and this week he covered the equally controversial topic of student loans.
John Oliver's Net Neutrality Rant May Have Caused The FCC Comments Site To Crash
"We need you to get out there," John Oliver urged to internet commenters everywhere on Sunday night. "And for once in your lives, focus your indiscriminate rage in a useful direction. Seize your moment, my lovely trolls. Turn on caps lock and fly my pretties, fly! Fly!" Along with that rallying cry, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver presented the link to FCC.Gov/Comments, encouraging people to lodge their complaints with the FCC
Last Week Tonight Review: John Oliver Injects HBO With The Perfect Dose Of Satire And Wit
The series’ half-hour runtime is a perfect blend of depth and brevity, skipping from topic to topic while rooting around each one long enough to make sure you’re fully aware of how ludicrous this subject matter actually is.
John Oliver's HBO Series Gets A Title And A Premiere Date
John Oliver, former correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, finally has a premiere date and title for his upcoming satirical news show on HBO. And on Sunday, April 27th we will all — at long last — be invited to check out Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for the first time at 11PM.
Watch The Daily Show's Touching And Funny Goodbye To John Oliver
Regardless, for Oliver's big night, Stewart and The Daily Show staff put together a really touching video that looked at Oliver’s more than seven years of experience, as well as spotlighted a few of the funniest moments from his Daily Show career.
HBO Teases Game Of Thrones Season 4, The Leftovers, True Detective And More
Lest you forget, HBO has the epic television game on lock. Between looking back at the year that was in 2013 and anticipating what’s to come going forward, the it’s-not-TV network managed to sneak a few surprises and teasers into their year-ending promo video. Turns out there’s plenty to be excited about that’s coming up in 2014, including a first look at season four of Game of Thrones, and new series The Leftovers, True Detective, Looking, Silicon Valley, and even John Oliver’s new one, too.
John Oliver Leaving The Daily Show To Host His Own HBO Series
Comedian John Oliver has spent a lot of time with The Daily Show. He’s been a correspondent since 2006, but now the Emmy award-winner is moving on to a brand new project. Unlike Stephen Colbert, who stuck with Comedy Central after leaving The Daily Show, Oliver will be hopping over to the subscription cable network HBO. He’s signed a deal to star in his own topical series that will air on the network in 2014.
Jon Stewart's Daily Show Return Earns Big Ratings
Plenty of people claimed that they didn't even miss Jon Stewart when John Oliver took over the Daily Show anchor desk for the summer-- but apparently there were even more of them just counting down the days until Stewart's return. The ratings for Tuesday's Daily Show episode, Stewart's first since going on hiatus in June, were up 24% from the episodes that Stewart had hosted earlier in the year
Watch Jon Stewart's Return To The Daily Show, Aided By A Big Mac
By the time John Oliver really hit his stride as the temporary host of The Daily Show, it became easy to stop hoping for Jon Stewart's return-- something I'm not sure any fans of the show could have imagined when Stewart first announced he'd take the summer off to direct a movie. But now that Stewart really is back, and Oliver is returning to the correspondent's chair… man is it good to see that clean-shaven face again
Watch: John Oliver Takes The Lead And Delivers Laughs At The Daily Show
"Welcome to The Daily Show. I am John Oliver and let's all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird," Oliver said in his opening for last night's episode. And he's kind of right. He isn't the first new host of The Daily Show, but considering Jon Stewart's been doing it for more than a decade it is a little strange to see someone new (temporarily) serving as host of the series. But I suppose fans will get used to the shift over time as the summer progresses. And based on Oliver's open, it looks like we're in for a funny summer.
John Oliver To Host The Daily Show For 8 Weeks This Summer
Long running TV programs often take a few weeks off in the summer, but apparently John Stewart is really blocking off a huge chunk of the summer to devote to other projects, despite The Daily Show still airing for part of the time. Daily Show correspondent John Oliver will fill in for eight weeks during Stewart’s leave.

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