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The Real World Season 29 Adds An Ex-Plosive Twist, Changes Title
Just for a little perspective, it seems necessary to acknowledge that The Real World is now, as of this year, old enough to drink. At 21 years of age, the show is so old that the people who are presently of age to be on the show probably have no memory of what it was like when it was in its earlier, arguably better years.
MTV's Four New Reality Shows Include Food, Virgins And Failed Relationships
MTV announced on Monday that the cable channel has acquired four new reality shows, and the only buzzwords you really need to keep in mind are virgins, break ups and food competition. Unfortunately, the shows themselves are more than just buzzwords. Let's take them on, one by one.
Stay-At-Home Dads Featured In A&E's New Reality Series Modern Dads
We don't see a lot of stay-at-home dads on TV. NBC's Up All Night is one of the few exceptions that I can think of off the top of my head, as Will Arnett's Chris stayed home to raise the baby while his wife (Christina Applegate's Reagan) worked as a producer on her best friend's talk show. But that's scripted television. What A&E has in mind is about the real thing. The network has ordered an unscripted series focused on stay-at-home dads called Modern Dads.
Clint Eastwood's Family Gets A Reality Show On E!
It looks like E!’s managed to find room on their line-up to squeeze another celebrity reality show in the mix. Make way Kardashians, the Eastwoods are moving in! The celeb-focused network is set to air a reality show that follows Clint Eastwood’s family.
USA And Kurt Warner Give People A Second Chance In Reality Show The Moment
As there is likely to be no shortage of people in need and deserving at a second chance, there will probably always be a market for reality TV shows that feature them. It looks like USA is the next in line to give people a chance to achieve their dreams through a reality TV show.
The Amazing Race Season 20 Preview: Contestants Include Big Brother's Brendon And Rachel
CBS has revealed the teams for the next new season of The Amazing Race, as well as information on some of the places they contestants are set to visit as the series gets going on its twentieth season. Fans of Big Brother are likely to recognize two of the contestants set to compete this season.
Big Brother Brazil Contestant Accused Of Sexual Assault On Show
When you put a bunch of adults into a house, cut them off from the outside world, build a competition around them, and film them 24/7, stuff is going to happen. Unfortunately, in the case of the Brazilian version of the reality TV show Big Brother, that stuff may have included sexual assault.
TLC On Board For Deep Sea Fishing Show Hook, Line, And Sisters
On December 29, TLC will introduce Hook, Line, and Sisters, a program that will follow the Anderson clan as they make a living deep sea fishing off the coast of Alaska. The show will follow the family during the three months spent on their boat, the Memry Annea, as they fish for salmon. If you wondered where the sisters part comes in, Hook, Line, and Sisters will also pay close attention to the Anderson daughters - 26 year-old Sierra and 21 year-old Memry.
Survivor: South Pacific Watch - Cult Like
With no more Savaii left to pick off, it's left to turncoat Cochran to try to find some wedge to drive into the six-strong alliance that is the Upolu tribe. For the ultimate Survivor fanboy, that shouldn't be too hard, should it?
CBS Votes To Renew Survivor For Two More Seasons
CBS’ Survivor series is a well-oiled machine. It is the longest running reality program on television, and the show, now in its 23rd cycle, is still the 2nd highest watched reality program in the 18-49 demographic. Survivor may not have won as many Emmy’s as CBS network rival The Amazing Race, but it is certainly doing quite well. Which is why it's really no surprise the series would get renewed for a few more seasons.
The X Factor: Meet The Top 17
If you've been keeping up with The X Factor then you know that last night, the final seventeen acts were revealed as the remaining contestants learned their fate, for better or worse. Take a look at the names and photos of the people who will perform during the first live episode of the series next week.
MTV Moves Forward With Four New Reality Shows, Including Catfish And Hoods
MTV is moving forward with a number of unscripted series, one of which is named after and inspired by the documentary that took Sundance by storm, Catfish. Not shying away from “reality” in the slightest, MTV also has three other unscripted series on the horizon.
Tia & Tamera To Return To Style For Season 2
Tia and Tamera Mowry were introduced to the entertainment world through the ABC sitcom Sister, Sister back in the mid-90’s. These days, they’re in their thirties and have taken their careers to the next step, which right now, is reality TV. If you’ve been enjoying the first season of Style’s docu-series Tia & Tamera, there’s good news. The duo will be back for Season 2!
T.I. To Star In A Reality Show On VH1
I’m not opposed to celebrity reality shows as a rule. It’s my view that the value of these shows in an educational and entertaining level relies largely on whether or not the subjects are willing to be themselves. It’s easy to tell the difference between the reality TV star who’s fully aware of the cameras at all times and putting on a show, from the one who lets go and take advantage of the situation, not by trying to manipulate the viewers into seeing the story they want told, but by being themselves and letting the story tell itself.
Doug Hutchison And 16-Year-Old Newlywed Plan Reality Show
Since June, the happy couple has settled down to a life spent promoting Courtney’s new music single and some Baywatch-esque modeling photos. The 16 going on 35-year-old certainly has some high aspirations for herself, but as they aren’t panning out quickly, Hutchison and Stodden have moved forward with plan b. According to an interview with Australia’s The Morning Show, the two are in talks with producers to do their own reality program. Stodden has helpfully added: “Expect it to be a reality show like no other.”
TLC Cancels Kate Plus 8 But Hopes For Future Gosselin Specials
The popular TLC series, which started out as an unscripted show documenting two parents' attempts to manage more than half a dozen toddlers together, and later evolved into tabloid fodder, is coming to an end. I am of course referring to TLC’s Kate Plus 8, which has officially been cancelled.
Big Brother Season 13 Watch: Partners, Bananas, And A Golden Key
Big Brother returned tonight for it’s thirteenth season, and while my favorite BB duos weren’t among those who re-entered the house, I find myself intrigued, excited and a little nostalgic, seeing the six former houseguests who’ve joined eight newbies to play the game for the summer.
The Situation Hints He Might Be Leaving Jersey Shore
Not even a week later, Jersey Shore's Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino might be out the door, too. By the looks of things, The Situation has been antsy lately. He even stormed out of the house the other day because the show perturbed him so intensely and, although he isn’t straight up admitting he’s leaving, an interview with TMZ isn’t particularly reassuring.
Vinny Guadagnino May Be Done With Jersey Shore
Would Jersey Shore be Jersey Shore without the adorable Vinny? We may find out the answer to that question as there’s a rumor floating about that the youngest of the Jersey Shore crew may have exited the show, for good. And hearing the reasoning, I can’t say that I’m all that surprised.
Florence Mayor Lays Down Rules For Jersey Shore
There may be plenty of gym, tan and laundry for the Jersey Shore cast when they head out to Italy for the MTV reality series’ fourth season, but being filmed drunk in public is apparently not on their travel itinerary, at least not while they’re in Florence.
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