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Roseanne's Reboot Will Apparently Introduce Some New Characters

When Roseanne returns for its big revival, we'll apparently be seeing some new faces, according to one star.

How The Roseanne Revival May Be Bringing John Goodman Back

Roseanne is returning to the small screen in the not-too-distant future with a revival. We already knew that John Goodman would somehow be back as the deceased Dan; now, we have an idea of how it will happen.

Watch Roseanne's Big Revival Announcement Video And Try Not To Feel All The Feels

Roseanne is coming back, people! And this announcement video is the perfect way to celebrate the news.

Roseanne Is Officially Coming Back To TV, And With Some Big Changes

One of the greatest American sitcoms in TV history, Roseanne is getting a second chance at small screen life.

What Roseanne Barr Thinks About The Roseanne Revival Rumors

Not long after it was reported that Roseanne was quietly moving forward with plans for a revival, the often outspoken woman herself is speaking out.

Roseanne Is Getting A TV Revival, Here's The Latest

One of the most acclaimed sitcoms of all time, Roseanne is heading back to TV for a revival. Check out all the details.

10 TV Shows That Had Awful Final Seasons

TV is a competitive game, and not all shows work as well in the end as they did in the beginning. Check out our picks for 10 TV series that had truly terrible final seasons!

How John Goodman Feels About Bringing Roseanne Back To TV

John Goodman is best known nowadays for his movie roles, but he was once a big name on the sitcom circuit thanks to his role on Roseanne. Now, he's weighed in on the idea of bringing Roseanne back to the small screen.

Watch John Goodman And Sara Gilbert Reprise Their Roseanne Characters

Roseanne is up there with the TV greats, having been one of the top rated shows in its 1989-1997 run. Watch original star John Goodman and Sara Gilbert reprise their classic roles, and Darlene finally comes clean to her father about a sensitive subject.

12 Former TV Actors Who Need Another Show ASAP

Other times these actors will pop up in a multitude of shows without landing another memorable or lengthy gig. So, we've scoured the internet, avoiding actors and actresses who have managed to land another big TV role and put together a list of actors who we feel should be on another TV show, like as soon as possible.

Love Lessons From The Small Screen: What TV Has Taught Us About Relationships

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on when it comes to love, it’s that it’s a complex, confusing and often strange thing that can lead us down paths we never expected. The nature of a TV series allows us to watch characters pass through the many stages of a relationship over time – from falling in love to the sometimes bitter, sometimes beautiful end. From the big mistakes to the power of fate, here are a few things we’ve learned about love from the small screen.

Katey Sagal, Carrie Fisher And Seth Green To Roast Roseanne At Comedy Central

Last week we shared the a teaser for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne, and at that time, aside from knowing that Jane Lynch would be serving as Roast Master for the event, we didn't know who would be taking the podium to poke fun at Roseanne. There's a pretty great assortment of talent joining the dais for the Roast, including a woman who knows a little something about playing the wife and mother of a lower-middle-class TV family.

Comedy Central Roast Of Roseanne Preview: Things Get Musical In New Promo

It's become something of a tradition that the Roastee set to be featured in the next Comedy Central Roast helps promote the approaching special by roasting themselves in the advertisements. In the case of Roseanne, who is set to be the target of the next roasting on Comedy Central, the most obvious joke involves the rendition of a certain memorable and nationally beloved tune, so naturally that's what's featured in the new promo for her Roast.

TV Land To Air A Roseanne Halloween Marathon Next Week

There are some TV shows that have become known to make a big production out of Halloween and Roseanne is probably at the top of the list, or very close to it. The series did seven Halloween-themed episodes over the course of its nine season run, and TV Land is set to air all of them in a row, next week.

George Clooney Looks Back At His TV Career, And So Do We

I sometimes forget that Academy Award winning actor-director George Clooney was once a television star. It seems so long ago that he was curing what ails as Dr. Doug Ross on NBC and Michael Crichton's uber-popular medical drama ER. Well before that break-out role, Clooney could be seen all over the small-screen, most notably on The Facts of Life or Roseanne, and he talks a little about all of them in this video.

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