The New Justice League Trailer Is Exciting And Packed With Teamwork

With only four months to go until Justice League's release, Warner Bros has finally dropped the second trailer for the DCEU blockbuster. Check it out!

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The Ready Player One Trailer Is Epic And Action-Packed

The trailer for Steven Spielberg's next movie, Ready Player One, has finally been released. Check it out!

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The Proud Mary Trailer Has Taraji P. Henson Kicking Major Ass

In her first bonafide action role, Taraji P. Henson plays the titular Mary, and she looks like a total badass in the first trailer for the film.

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Netflix's First Full Bright Trailer Is Exciting And Packed With Creature Craziness

Following the 30-second teaser that was released in February during the Oscars, Netflix has finally dropped the first full-length for Bright.

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The Pacific Rim 2 Recruitment Video Wants You To Join The Jaeger Uprising

The first Pacific Rim Uprising trailer is here, and it's search for new Jaeger program recruits to help fight back against the Kaiju.

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The First Jigsaw Trailer Is Mysterious And Surprisingly Not That Bloody

The first trailer for Jigsaw was just released, and it features a lot less blood and guts than its predecessors.

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The Alpha Trailer Is Suspenseful And Powerful

The trailer for next year's Alpha gives us our first taste of the action-packed tale of a human building a powerful bond with a wolf tens of thousands of years ago.

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The Shape Of Water Trailer Is Beautiful And Intriguing

After a week of being shown exclusively in theaters, we finally have the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water. Take a look for yourself, inside.

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The Snowman Trailer Is Creepy And Unnerving, Watch It Now

A new trailer for the upcoming psychological thriller The Snowman is absolutely bone-chilling. Check it out to see for yourself.

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The Gnome Alone Trailer With Becky G Is Cute And Colorful

Check out the first trailer for Gnome Alone ahead to see what exactly a tale of sentient garden gnomes fighting aliens looks like.

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New Dark Tower Trailer Reveals A Mysterious Location

The second trailer for The Dark Tower is now out and while it doesn't answer many questions about what sort of story the movie plans to tell, it does give us a brief look at a place that would appear to play an important part in the movie.

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First Valley Of Bones Trailer Looks Bloody, Tense And Cool

If history has taught us anything (on the silver screen, at least), it's that unearthing dinosaur bones usually leads to trouble. The Jurassic Park franchise made a mint in exploiting the dangers of resurrecting ancient creatures, and now a new thriller from director Dan Glaser is milking tension out of an archeological dig turned deadly.

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The New Geostorm Trailer Is Wild And Action-Packed

The newest Geostorm trailer has arrived, and it packs in a lot of new action in the midst of laying out the story.

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The Polaroid Trailer Is Disturbing And Intriguing

Horror movies are all about taking the usual and turning in into something unusually scary. Polaroid is the latest film to do just that, and you can watch it inside.

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The First Trailer For Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Is Action-Packed And Hilarious

Fans of the original Jumanji became more than a little concerned when they learned the classic Robin Williams movie was getting a sequel. Now, we finally have an idea what the actual movie will look like.

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Jumanji Just Shared Its First Footage Ahead Of Full Trailer

If you aren't super up on Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, a full trailer is dropping tomorrow, but ahead of the release of that -- hopefully exciting -- endeavor, the studio has dropped some first look footage for the movie.

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The Bad Moms Christmas Trailer Is NSFW, Features A Little Girl Dropping An F-Bomb

While it feels like we just saw Bad Moms on the big screen, STX Films is already set to release A Bad Moms Christmas, and we can finally take a look at the first footage from the flick.

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The Greatest Showman Trailer Is Sensational And Spectacular

Hugh Jackman has spent the majority of his career known as Wolverine, but before that, he made a living on the stage in musicals. Now that he;s done with superheroes, he's back in the world of musicals.

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The Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Is Hilarious and Surprisingly Explosive

The Bellas are back for their final tour! Check out the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3, which sends the ladies overseas for more singing, goofing off, and acapella puns.

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Stronger Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Boston Marathon Movie Is Gonna Be A Tearjerker

The Stronger trailer has been released and it will make you do three things. 1) Remind you of how amazing Jake Gyllenhaal is. 2) Make you cry. 3) Give you reason to imitate a Boston accent.

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