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What Ian McKellen Disliked Most About His Magneto Costume

While he seemed to enjoy playing such a badass mutant, Ian McKellen does have beef with one aspect of his role as Magneto: his costume.

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James McAvoy Confirmed His Return For X-Men: Dark Phoenix In The Best Way Possible

After keeping everyone waiting, James McAvoy is officially joining X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the actor has personally confirmed his involved with a spot on video on social media. Check it out.

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How Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton Is Getting Ready For New Mutants

Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton is going to play Cannonball in New Mutants, and he's doing more than just throwing himself at things really fast. Hit the jump to see what the Stranger Things star is doing.

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The Awesome Way Bryan Singer Reacted To Simon Kinberg Directing X-Men: The Dark Phoenix

Simon Kinberg will be helming the next X-Men movie, taking over the role from franchise staple Bryan Singer. So how does Singer feel about it?

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Jessica Chastain May Join X-Men: Dark Phoenix As A Key Villain

Few details have surfaced surrounding X-Men: Dark Phoenix, but now it seems that Jessica Chastain may join the upcoming superhero adventure as a major X-Men villain.

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12 Female Comic Book Characters Who Need Solo Movies

The demand for female-fronted superhero movies is about to skyrocket, and these 12 characters are perfect choices for brand new solo movies.

30 Best Superhero Movies, Ranked

With so many superhero movie entries, both live action and animated, there's more than enough to determine which are the greatest of the bunch. With that in mind, CinemaBlend has put together its definitive list of the 30 best superhero movies ever made.

Watch How Logan's Visual Effects Were Created

Logan has gotten praises from everything from the performances to the story, but Hugh Jackman doesn't have actual metal claws. Let's take a moment to celebrate the VFX with this video breakdown.

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New Mutants: What We Know So Far

The X-Men franchise is seriously expanding. It's true that we will no longer see any more Wolverine movies, but thanks to the success of Deadpool, 20th Century Fox has started developing big plans for the future of its flagship comic book series.

The Amusing Reason Charles Was Into Taco Bell In Logan

Conversation regarding Logan hasn't slowed in the months since its release, and director James Mangold recently opened up about one of the more bizarre moments in the film: Charles Xavier's love for Taco Bell.

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Logan Originally Had A Horrifying Opening Scene

Violence is kind of Logan's thing, but the movie's original planned opening would have been brutal, even for the film's standards. Hit the jump to learn the very depressing way Logan was originally going to start.

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What An X-23 Movie Should Be About, According To James Mangold

After Logan hit theaters, rumors immediately began swirling about a possible X-23 spinoff. And now James Mangold himself has weighed in on what the film could be about.

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The Real Reason Russell Crowe Turned Down The Wolverine Role

At one point Russell Crowe was the frontrunner to take on the role of Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Here's why he turned it down.

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Why It Took So Long To Get An R-Rated X-Men Movie Off The Ground With Logan

Fans have clamored for an R-rated X-Men movie for years, but it wasn't until Logan that they finally got one. Here's why it took so long.

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How Marvel's President Feels About One Day Adding The X-Men And The Fantastic Four

Fans have been griping for years now about the way in which the various movie rights to Marvel characters are split among multiple companies.

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10 Marvel Cosmic Characters We Wish Could Appear In The MCU

While the MCU has plenty of characters to populate its cosmic-centric movies, there are some notable heroes and villains who can't be included. Here are the ones we wish could show up in the movies.

James Mangold Responds To X-23 Spinoff Rumors

Fans are looking for X-23/ Laura to lead her own silver screen adventure, and director James Mangold has put in his two cents about the possibility.

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Why Doug Liman Left Channing Tatum’s Gambit Movie

Nine months after Doug Liman departed Gambit, the director has revealed the main reason why he decided why he didn't want to work on the Ragin' Cajun's movie anymore.

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Deadpool 2: What We Know So Far

So what is Deadpool 2 going to be all about? Who is going to be involved? What characters will be returning? How will it connect to the larger X-Men universe? We're going to go over all of that in this latest edition of our What We Know So Far guides! Read on to learn everything about the highly anticipated sequel.

Will Fox's X-Men TV Show Feature A Stan Lee Cameo? Here's What Bryan Singer Says

Stan Lee cameos are one of the best parts of Marvel projects, but how will the upcoming X-Men project from Fox handle the iconic comic creator's presence?

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