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The Amusing Way One X-Men Actor Auditioned With Bryan Singer
One of the X-Men movie actors took an unusual, yet amusing, approach to auditioning in front of director Bryan Singer.
X-Men in Movies
Legion Finally Revealed Its First Big X-Men Connection, And We're Pumped
While Legion has been a phenomenal X-Men series, there's been very little other than the presence of David Haller to connect it to the expanded X-Men universe. That's about to change in a big way.
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What James McAvoy Thought Of Logan
Logan is one of the biggest hits of the year, and with various figures from the X-Men franchise praising the stylistic choices. Case in point: James McAvoy.
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How The X-Men Franchise Should Continue, According To James Mangold
With the First Class trilogy ended, the X-Men films are very up in the air. But Logan director James Mangold has some ideas for the future of the long running franchise.
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Every X-Men Movie Ranked, Including Logan
Now that Logan is in theaters, we've decided to rank all of the released X-Men movies, from worst to best.
The Wolverine Trilogy Just Hit A Major Milestone Thanks To Logan
If you had a betting pool going between you and your friends involving the box-office success of Logan, you're going to want to read this story. Not only will those of you who believed in the film's powers be vindicated, this recent result may help you win by a comfortable spread.
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8 References To Previous X-Men Movies We Caught In Logan
Now that it's been almost a week since Logan's been in theaters, we've collected the main references to previous X-Men movies made in the third Wolverine spinoff.
How The X-Force Is Different From The X-Men, According To Simon Kinberg
X-Men producer Simon Kinberg laid out the major difference between the main X-Men team and the X-Force.
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One X-Men Actor Who Definitely Wants To Return For The Next Sequel
While it's unclear if X-Men stars like Jennifer Lawrence will be returning to the franchise, one supporting actor has confirmed they're ready to reprise their role.
X-Men in Movies
One Major Logan Mystery: What Exactly Happened In Westchester?
During the events of Logan, some mysterious events in Westchester are alluded to, but never spelled out. However, that hasn't stopped us from theorizing just what happened, as well as some other key factors as to when it happened, and how that event shaped Logan. Read on for our analysis.
30 Best Superhero Movies, Ranked
With so many superhero movie entries, both live action and animated, there's more than enough to determine which are the greatest of the bunch. With that in mind, Cinema Blend has put together its definitive list of the 30 best superhero movies ever made.
Why Logan Worked So Much Better Than The Wolverine, According To The Writer
The same creative team behind the critical smash hit Logan is also the same one that gave us the significantly less well received, The Wolverine. Here's why the writer thinks Logan worked so much better than 2013's The Wolverine.
X-Men in Movies
Logan Ending: Was That The Right Choice?
Logan has officially hit theaters, so let's dive in and talk about that badass ending. Was it the right choice? That's what we're here to figure out.
Who Should Be The Next Wolverine, According To Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman has a suggestion for an actor to replace him as Wolverine, and it's a phenomenal (albeit unexpected) choice.
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Why Logan’s Violence Was So Brutal, According To The Director
Logan is an R-rated film, meaning that Wolverine can finally indulge in the mad hack and slash that fans have been waiting to see since day one. Here's why the director felt that the violence had to be so brutal in the film.
X-Men in Movies
One Tired Plot Point X-Men Movies Won't Ever Lean On Again
Moving forward, one of the most well-tread X-Men plot points won't be explored anymore in future movies.
X-Men in Movies
Why Patrick Stewart First Passed On Playing Professor X In X-Men
Patrick Stewart recently revealed that he initially passed on the role of Charles Xavier for a reason that almost seems silly in hindsight.
X-Men in Movies
Person Of Interest's Amy Acker Is Heading To A Marvel TV Show
Marvel has some pretty epic superhero series on the small screen nowadays, and Person of Interest actress Amy Acker will be tackling a pretty fabulous character for Marvel in the not-too-distant future.
X-Men on TV
The X-Men Character Shaq Wanted To Play In The First Movie
When the first X-Men movie was being developed, Shaquille O'Neal stopped by to see if he could play this specific mutant.
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Why Storm Didn’t Get Much Attention In The First X-Men Movie, According To The Screenwriter
X-Men screenwriter David Hayter explains why Storm was so overlooked in the first movie.
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