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Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Honest Trailer Makes Fun Of Han Solo’s Over-Explained History

The Honest Trailer folks aren't holding back on their critique of Han Solo's origin story.

Suicide Squad’s Director Has Addressed A Joker Plot Hole

There's a little inconsistency regarding Jared Leto's Joker in the DCEU.

The Aquaman Movie Has Atlanteans Vomiting When Out Of The Water
The Joker Movie's Map Of Gotham City Is Packed With DC Easter Eggs

You might want to break out a magnifying glass for this one.

The Birds Of Prey Movie Finally Has A Release Date

Birds of Prey will be arriving sooner rather than later!

Is Spider-Man Getting A New Suit In Far From Home?

Spider-Man's been going through more wardrobe changes in the MCU compared to his cinematic predecessors, and it looks like Spider-Man: Far From Home might be keeping up that trend.

Henry Cavill’s 7 Best Superman Moments So Far

Whether or not Henry Cavill appears in the DCEU again, we figured now is as good a time as any to look through his three Superman appearances and pick out his best moments thus far.

The Bizarre Cameo We Might See In DC's Harley Quinn And Joker Team-Up Movie
Captain Marvel Fan Theory Suggests Thunderbolt Ross Is A Skrull

Could Hulk's arch-nemesis actually be an alien in disguise?

Marvel's Eternals Movie Just Took A Big Step Forward

It's looking more likely that the Eternals will be brought to the MCU soon.

See Joaquin Phoenix In His Joker Makeup For The New DC Movie
DC's Birds Of Prey Movie Has Narrowed Its Search For Black Canary And More

Birds of Prey looks like it will be the next DC movie to follow Wonder Woman 1984, and the movie has started narrowing down the actresses for its lead roles.

First Look At Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson In The Men In Black Spinoff
How Venom Eventually Winds Up On Earth In The Movie

Since Spider-Man isn't involved with Eddie Brock's origin story in Venom, the movie had to find a different way to bring the symbiote to Earth.

Michael B. Jordan Has Been Tapped To Lead New Tom Clancy Film Series

Michael B. Jordan will bring one of Tom Clancy's most popular creations to life.

New Aquaman TV Spot Tells The DC Hero It’s Time To Go Home

But what is home for our water-dwelling hero?

Why It Stinks Solo: A Star Wars Story Won't Get A Sequel

If only the journey could have continued!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Honest Trailer Goes In On Its Plot And Character Changes

The folks at Honest Trailers aren't holding back with their critique of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Space Jam’s 2 Just Added Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler And An Official Director

It looks like Space Jam 2 is finally moving from pipe dream to legitimate creative endeavor.

Creed 2 Isn’t Just A Revenge Story, According To Michael B. Jordan

There's more to this sequel than Adonis Creed wanting to deliver a beating to Viktor Drago.

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