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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Is Coming Back, Here's What We Know

Good, news, Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans! The TV show is being brought back for "another tour of duty."

Doctor Who Season 11 Trailer Is Exciting And All Kinds Of Timey-Wimey

We're months away from Jodie Whitaker's 13th Doctor taking the lead on Doctor Who, and now we finally have the first big trailer for the upcoming Season 11.

Simon Kinberg Never Wants To Stop Making X-Men Movies

Despite working on nine X-Men movies so far, franchise heavyweight Simon Kinberg doesn't want to stop making these kind of movies anytime soon.

When Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Movie Will Be Released

On the eve of San Diego Comic-Con, we've learned when Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie will arrive in theaters.

The Superman Villain Henry Cavill Wants For Man Of Steel 2

Should Man of Steel 2 get off the ground, Henry Cavill already knows which villain his Superman should battle in the sequel.

Could Shazam Join The Justice League In The DCEU? Here’s What The Producer Says

Since Shazam exists in the same world as the other DCEU Justice Leaguers, what are the chances that the World's Mightiest Mortal gets to team up with them?

New Aquaman Image Features A Giant Sea Dragon, And It’s Amazing

Get out of here, seahorse! There's a new underwater steed in town!

Why Captain Marvel Is Set In The 90s, According To Kevin Feige

Captain Marvel is winding the clock back to the 1990s to tell Carol Danvers' origin story, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has explained the reasoning for this decision.

The Dark Knight Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary With Special, Limited IMAX Screenings

This year marks the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight's release, and Warner Bros is commenting the occasion IMAX style.

First Look At Shazam's Billy Batson Includes Superman And Batman Easter Eggs

Our first look at Asher Angel's Billy Batson in Shazam! comes with some Superman and Batman references.

The Goals Marvel Had When Making Iron Man

When making Iron Man, the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel had several specific goals in mind.

Did Spider-Man: Far From Home Just Add Another Comics Villain?

Mysterio is already reportedly tangling with the costumed Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far from Home, but a new casting has us wondering if another villain is being thrown into the mix.

Mission: Impossible Fallout Director Explains Why Jeremy Renner Isn't In The Sequel

Despite being a major player in the last two Mission: Impossible movies, Jeremy Renner sat out Fallout, and director Christopher McQuarrie has elaborated on this absence.

New Aquaman Image Shows Off Costumed Black Manta And Ocean Master

We finally have our first look at Aquaman's main villains all suited up!

Nickelodeon Is Giving The Rugrats A Live Action Movie

The Rugrats are coming back, and this time, it will be in a live action setting.

Denis Villeneuve's Dune Reboot Has Found Its First Star

Nearly a year and a half after director Denis Villeneuve's involvement on the Dune reboot was confirmed, word's come in on who's being looked at to star.

Avengers 4: What We Know So Far

If you're curious to learn what's in store for Avengers 4, the final installment of the MCU's Phase Three, read on ahead.

Who's Reportedly Joining Harley Quinn In DC's Birds Of Prey Movie

We already knew Harley Quinn would return for Birds of Prey, and now reportedly the rest of the movie's main lineup has been revealed.

How The Dark Knight Originally Handled Michael Jai White’s Character’s Fate

Michael Jai White's had a minor, but memorable role in The Dark Knight, but according to the actor, his character's fate was originally handled differently.

Michael Jai White Dislikes His Spawn Movie As Much As You Do

The 1997 Spawn movie was not received well, to put it lightly, and Michael Jai White definitely counts himself among those who don't care for it.

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