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Zachary Levi’s Shazam Has Finally Been Revealed, And In A Very Surprising Way

Of all the ways for Zachary Levi's Shazam to be revealed, this is one of the weirder options.

Han Shot First? Here's Where The Kasdans Stand

Solo: A Star Wars Story writers Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan give their position on the "Han shot first" debate.

Black Panther Included A Cool Cameo From The Daily Show's Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah spends most of his time hosting The Daily Show, but it turns out he also made a special cameo in Black Panther.

Deadpool 2's Yukio: What We Know From The Comics

Deadpool 2 introduced moviegoers to its version of Yukio, so here's what you need to know about the character from the comics.

City Of Lies Trailer Is Mysterious And Intense

Later this year, Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker are joining forces to solve Biggie Smalls' murder in City of Lies, and you can check out the trailer for the gripping tale now.

Jennifer Aniston Is Playing A Lesbian US President In New Netflix Comedy

Jennifer Aniston is heading to Netflix as the first female President of the United States, who is also married to a woman.

Steven Spielberg And Leonardo DiCaprio Have Found Their Next Movie Together

The last time Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio worked together was on 2002's Catch Me If You Can, but the two men may have found their next movie to reunite.

How Agent Coulson In Captain Marvel Is Unlike Any Previous Versions, According To Clark Gregg

Phil Coulson is finally returning to the big screen for Captain Marvel, and Clark Gregg has explained how this version of the character will differ from how we've seen him before.

Jim Carrey Weighs In On Reports Of His Alleged Feud With Robin Williams

Following the reports that Robin Williams and Jim Carrey were engaged in a "bitter feud," Carrey is giving his side of the story.

Avengers: Infinity War His Hit Another Major Box Office Milestone

Avengers: Infinity War has done quite well at the box office, to put it mildly, and now it's hit yet another milestone.

Preparation For BlacKkKlansman Was Rough, According To Topher Grace

Topher Grace found it especially difficult to tackle the role of David Duke for BlacKkKlansman.

The Clue Remake Could Totally Be Rated R

Evidently rather than being more of a family-friendly affair, the Clue remake intends to head into rated-R territory.

Dwayne Johnson Says Pirates Of The Caribbean Inspired Him To Make Jungle Cruise

We have Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl to thank for Dwayne Johnson now starring in Jungle Cruise.

Thor's Movies Had An Unexpected Influence On The Creation Of Black Panther

When working on Black Panther, the filmmakers turned to the Thor movies when trying to figure out how to best handle an element of T'Challa's solo story.

The Latest On Lethal Weapon 5, According To Richard Donner

Richard Donner has dropped an update on what's happening with Lethal Weapon 5.

Why Two Star Trek Movies Are Being Simultaneously Developed, According To Simon Pegg

Paramount and Bad Robot are currently working on two separate Star Trek movies, and Simon Pegg has given his take on how this happened.

Don’t Expect Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs Movie To Be Just Another Fast & Furious Sequel

Just because Hobbs & Shaw is part of the Fast and the Furious universe doesn't mean it'll feel just like another entry for the main series.

Vin Diesel Will Be Leading Yet Another Franchise

As if he didn't already have enough franchises under his belt, Vin Diesel is adding yet another one to his resume.

Lawrence Kasdan Clarifies Anthony Daniels' Solo Role, And He's Not A Wookiee

It turns out that Anthony Daniels is not playing a Wookiee in Solo: A Star Wars Story after all, but we've learned who he actually will be portraying.

IT: Chapter 2 Has Cast The Adult Version Of Another One Of The Kids

Another adult member of The Losers Club has been cast for IT: Chapter 2.

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