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Will Coco Top Justice League At This Weekend's Box Office?

Justice League and Coco will likely be the two biggest blockbuster competitors this Thanksgiving weekend, but which will reign supreme at the box office?

Will Luke And Leia Reunite In Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Here’s What Rian Johnson Says

No doubt a lot of Star Wars fans are hoping for Luke and Leia to reunite in The Last Jedi, but is that in the cards?

How Much Money Warner Bros. Might Lose Over Justice League

Justice League has been anything but a financial success for Warner Bros, and there's already an estimate for how much the studio could lose on the movie.

Rashida Jones Allegedly Left Toy Story 4 After Encounter With John Lasseter

News broke today alleging that comedy actress/writer Rashida Jones departed Toy Story 4 due to an encounter with Pixar executive John Lasseter.

Filming Avatar 2’s Underwater Scenes Sounds Ridiculously Hard For James Cameron

Movie-making technology has improved significantly since Avatar was released in 2009, but James Cameron has been facing some problems shooting scenes set underwater for Avatar 2.

How Justice League Subtly Set Up Green Lantern Corps

Although Justice League didn't have a Green Lantern as one of its founding members, the movie did take a little time to set up the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU.

Murder On The Orient Express Is Getting A Sequel

Murder on the Orient Express has spent more than a week in theaters, and now 20th Century Fox is moving forward with a sequel.

What One Major DC Comics Creator Thinks About Justice League's Post-Credits Scene

One of DC Comics' top creative talent has shared his thoughts about Justice League's intriguing post-credits scene. SPOILERS ahead!

Gambit Has Found Its Leading Actress

Channing Tatum will be succeeding Taylor Kitsch as the new cinematic Gambit, and now the spinoff has found the actress who will costar alongside the Magic Mike performer.

Justice League Actually Made Less Money Over The Weekend Than We Thought

After earning mixed reviews, Justice League stumbled on the commercial side of things making less opening weekend than previously predicted.

One Of The Gifted's Mutants Will Go Through Some Major Changes Soon

In the coming weeks on The Gifted, one of the main mutants characters will be going through some incredible changes.

Why Justice League Cut One Key Side Character, According To Jason Momoa

Not everyone who was announced to appear in Justice League made the final cut, and Jason Momoa has revealed why one particular character was cut.

Why Jude Law Was Cast As Dumbledore In Fantastic Beasts 2, According To The Producer

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald producer David Heyman has given his reasoning for why Jude Law was a good choice to play the younger Albus Dumbledore.

In Celebration of Justice League, Amazon Has These DC Movies Cheap Today

Whether you've already seen Justice League or are waiting until later this weekend, there's a big DC Comics movie sale happening right now on Amazon that's worth checking out.

Ezra Miller Has A New Name For The DCEU, In Connection With Flashpoint

With the DC Extended Universe chugging along and Flashpoint on the horizon, Ezra Miller has come up with a new name for this franchise.

Will Batman Appear In The Flashpoint Movie? Here's What Geoff Johns Says

DC president and original Flashpoint writer Geoff Johns has revealed whether or not Batman will factor into the upcoming Flashpoint movie.

The Live Action Pokemon Movie Has Cast Its First Star

With the live action Pokemon movie moving closer to production, we've finally learned who the first starring actor will be..

Who The Batman Movie May Be Eyeing To Replace Ben Affleck

If Ben Affleck is indeed leaving Batman behind him as has been rumored, supposedly there's already an actor who's already being looked at to don the cape and cowl.

The First Rampage Trailer Is Wild And Explosive

The first trailer for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Rampage movie is out, and it's a wild scene.

Why Suicide Squad 2 Should Use Black Adam As The Villain

We've gathered together the reasons why it would be wise for Suicide Squad 2 to feature Black Adam as the main antagonist.

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