James Cameron Offers More Avatar 2 Details But Still Won't Commit To Starting Work On It

James Cameron's never been one to shy away from publicity, so it's no surprise that's he's out there once again talking up future sequels to his

Hellraiser Remake Gaining Ground With Director And Casting Talk

Originally set for a 2009 release, the film has been having trouble getting off the ground ever since. Luckily for anyone looking forward to a modern Hellraiser, the film has seemingly been gaining a lot of steam

Lars Von Trier Reveals The Plot Of His Disaster Movie Melancholia

Controversial, eccentric, and generally weird film director Lars von Trier has revealed some of the plot of his upcoming film, Melancholia. Last summer

Zack Snyder's Superman Won't Be Based On Any Particular Comic

After all the rumors buzzing about as of late, Zack Snyder has finally given some concrete details on his upcoming Superman film. While it's nothing major, it's refreshing to finally hear some details on the film that aren't up

Zack Snyder Says Zod In Superman Is Just A Rumor

Just over a week ago, Zack Snyder was revealed to be helming the new Superman film, produced by Christopher Nolan. Soon after, it was reported that the script by David S. Goyer has a connection to the original Richard

Four New Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Posters Create Partners

The first of the last two Harry Potter films is fast approaching, and in preparation for The Deathly Hallows Pt. 1, Warner Bros. has released four new posters featuring the film's characters

Shrinking Charlotte Adds Kathleen Turner And True Blood's Shapeshifter

Shrinking Charlotte, a rom-com affair centered around a psychologist who falls for one of his patients, has just picked up a number of cast members

Mad Max: Fury Road Delayed, Hopefully Not For Good

Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth entry into the Mad Max series, is having more than a bit of trouble getting off the ground. This is the second delay already for the film, which has yet to leave pre-production, the first

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Still Not Greenlit And He's Tuning Out

It's unfortunate that the film is having so much trouble getting off the ground, especially with the original trilogy garnering a Best Picture win among other accolades. If you're unfamiliar with the book, The Hobbit

Is Killer Croc Batman's Next Nemesis?

This might not be credible enough to label as "news," but it's definitely an interesting rumor. Christopher Nolan's third Batman film is pretty much a mystery at this point; all we really know is that it's happening

Secret Marvel Superhero Movie Plan To Culminate In 2017

If you're excited by the prospect of Thor, Captain America, and finally The Avengers in 2012, then this'll be big news for you

Kane & Lynch Director Alessandrin Bails A Month Before Shooting

The much discussed adaptation of Eidos Interactive's Kane & Lynch seemed to be a video game movie with a mountain of potential. With Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in leading roles

Paranormal Activity 2 Goes Viral in this Creepy Video

A writer at Bloody Disgusting recently received a mysterious package at his door. No postage, just a return address and a USB flash drive. Now usually when that happens to me, it's a mob threat, biological

Mutant Villain Riptide Cast In X-Men: First Class

Álex González has been cast as 'Riptide,' a mutant who can spin at incredible speed, releasing calcium-growth from his bones at high speeds

Mission: Impossible 4 Set To Start In December

The fourth film in the Mission: Impossible film series, a movie I don't think that many people particularly want to see, but many people will see anyways, has been given an official start date. Principle

Angelina Jolie And Johnny Depp's The Tourist Set For December 10th

Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck's The Tourist has just been screened for Sony Pictures bigshots, and they were very pleased. So pleased in fact

Black Dynamite Sequel a Real Possibility

Black Dynamite Panther Fist! If your first helping of Michael Jai White and Scott Sander's Black Dynamite wasn't enough for you, you're in luck. White announced his intentions to move forward with a sequel

Ant-Man Will Be A High-Tech Spy Film

With the hype from Comic-Con's reveal of footage/teasers for Thor, Captain America and The Avengers starting to wane a bit, it's a good time to take a look at other superhero

Mix Up A Batch Of Sam Raimi's Recipe for Fake Blood

This should make any Evil Dead fan's day. The "recipe" for the fake blood used in The Evil Dead has popped up on the film blog Movie Miscellany, taken from Bruce Campbell's

Netflix Pays Big Money To Add Paramount And Lionsgate Titles To Instant Watch

In a bold move announced today, Netflix will be adding films from Paramount, Lions Gate, and MGM to their already awesome

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