If someone offered you one million dollars to push a little red button, would you do it? If only it were that simple. Things get complicated when Norma and Arthur Lewis (Cameron Diaz and James Marsden) find themselves in that situation in Richard Kelly’s The Box.

Early one morning, a mysterious box topped with a red button is left on the Lewis’ doorstep. Later that afternoon, the super-creepy Arlington Steward (Frank Langella) arrives to explain the stakes. If Norma and Arthur opt to push the button, they’ll receive one million dollars, but someone they don’t know will die. If they’d rather not, he’ll simply take the box and disappear.

Again, if only it were that simple. The initial idea is promising, particularly because it’s fun to imagine yourself in that situation, but once The Box branches out in a million and one directions, the film loses its authenticity and becomes far too tiresome. The question is, if Warner Home Video releases the movie on DVD and Blu-ray February 23rd, will you buy it? If you do opt to get a copy, nobody will die, but your money might go to waste.

If you’re still curious, you’ll have the option to purchase The Box on DVD or in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. As reported by DVD Active, prices have yet to be announced but both the DVD and BD will come with “Richard Matheson: In His Own Words – An Interview with a Sci-Fi Legend.” Exclusive to the Blu-ray edition will be commentary by Kelly, “The Box: Grounded in Reality,” “Music Video Prequels,” and “Visual Effects Revealed.” The titles of the first two are a little misleading. “Grounded in Reality” isn’t about an actual stranger-killing box, but rather how Kelly’s family experiences helped him create the film. And “Music Video Prequels” doesn’t feature a singing and dancing Langella, but a series of montages that “propel you into a secretive world where you are the experiment.” Okay, I still don’t get it. Is it like the kiddie marshmallow test?

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