In preparation for the late 2010 release of Tron: Legacy, I’ve been getting my Daft Punk on and eating copious amounts of popcorn. What I haven’t been doing is watching the 1982 movie Tron, the prequel to the film that hits theaters next month. Disney said over the summer they would be releasing a Blu-ray Hi-def version of the film in November, but so far shelves have remained empty of Tron treasure.

This seems a little suspicious, because you’d think Disney would want to make as much money as possible before the release of the continuation of the Tron story. I don’t know how much the two films are connected, but it’s not like they are re-making Tron, since the lead character in Legacy is the son of the lead character in Tron. Get your asses in gear, people; the people want to see (or re-visit) the characters from the first film before they shell out ten bucks for this second show.

As of now, Disney has only tentatively confirmed the film will be released sometime in 2011. Weak sauce.

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