The Mark Wahlberg one-man-army flick Shooter took top honors last week against quite a few competitors for DVD sales last week. It was one of five new additions to Nielson’s top sales chart but took the number one spot against some tough competition.

The CinemaBlend pick for the week, Pride came in 5th place, the best of the rest of the releases. Black Snake Moan, which should have been our pick came in even farther behind in 6th place. What does this mean? More of you should be listening to us, that’s what. Both of these are excellent movies that don’t deserve such low placement.

Instead behind Shooter were holdovers from previous weeks: Bridge to Terabithia in 2nd place, Ghost Rider in 4th, and somehow, in 3rd place was a resurgence of Night at the Museum, which was almost off the top ten last week but suddenly everyone felt the need to buy.

Other new releases last week included Dead Silence, in 7th place, and proof of children not being in school: “Hanna Montana: Pop Star Profile” in 8th place.

Here’s a more comprehensive list at this week’s top 8:

Week Ending July 1st, 2007
Shooter* Last Week: N/A - # of weeks: 1
Bridge to Terabithia* Last Week: #1 - # of weeks: 2
Night at the Museum* Last Week: #9 - # of weeks: 10
Ghost Rider* Last Week: #2 - # of weeks: 3
Pride* Last Week: N/A - # of weeks: 1
Black Snake Moan* Last Week: N/A - # of weeks: 1
Dead Silence* Last Week: N/A - # of weeks: 1
Hannah Montana: Pop Star Profile* Last Week: N/A - # of weeks: 1

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