Is Fox/Netflix Deal Bringing Us The Wonder Years?

A few days ago, Deadline announced Netflix is set to expand its streaming library by adding more titles from Fox and its offspring. This is great news for those who enjoy current shows like Glee and Sons of Anarchy, which are now available [See this week's upcoming FlixWorthy - Ed.]. Deadline also mentioned, but didn’t expand on, the fact that some older titles, such as The Wonder Years, will also be available via streaming.

Though it was glossed over, The Wonder Years thing is an interesting development, especially if it includes full seasons of the program. Currently, there are only a couple of options available to buy episodes of the series, and this only includes a “Best of” DVD and “Volume 1” and “Volume 2” sets on VHS. Yes, I just said VHS. Certain sites will even tell you to resort to tape trading with private collectors. I’ve been waiting on my laurels for something better for years, and it seems (hopefully) Fox might be finally getting its shit together regarding the series.

I’ve always presumed the show wasn’t on DVD due to conflicts with musical rights, but perhaps Twentieth Century Fox was more worried there would be a lack of interest. Either way, if streaming means a wider release of The Wonder Years, this is a BIG DEAL.