Goku Masters His Destiny On DVD And Blu-Ray

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is releasing necessary preparation material so you can be ready for a Dragonball Evolution sequel, which was confirmed last week. The film may have crashed and burned in the U.S., but it was considered a success overseas, specifically in Japan and China. It’s tempting, but with all of the international drama nowadays I don’t think World War Dragonball would be worth it.

The film is a live-action adaptation of the Dragon Ball franchise, which includes everything from Japanese manga to video games. Justin Chatwin plays the lead character, Goku, a teenager who is given the 4-Star Dragonball on his 18th birthday by his grandfather who is also his martial arts master. He returns from a party to find his home ransacked and his grandfather near death. Just before he passes on, his grandfather urges Goku to find a new master and continue his training. After uniting with his new master, Roshi, Goku discovers that an evil ancient warlord named Piccolo is trying to collect all of the Dragonballs so he may combine them and be granted a perfect wish. With the help of Bulma Briefs (Emmy Rossum), Goku sets out to collect all of the Dragonballs before Piccolo.

Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sound. Perhaps a learned Dragonball fan may be able to follow and enjoy the film more, but for someone going into it knowing little to nothing about the franchise, it comes off as an obscure collage holding on for dear life by blobs Elmer’s glue and stray pieces of tape.

The one thing this disc has going for it is a gag reel. If you have balls on the brain and want to spend the $39.99 on the BD or $27.98 on the DVD when they’re released on July 28th, you’ll also get eight deleted scenes, a music video, “Goku’s Workout: Stunt Work,” “Fox Movie Channel Presents: making a Scene” and “Fox Movie Channel Presents: Life After Film School with Justin Chatwin.” Blu-ray exclusive special features include a digital copy of the film and a scavenger hunt game called “Goku’s Quest.”

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.