So you’ve been holding off picking up MGM’s James Bond Ultimate Editions just waiting for the next incarnation of Bond to hit shelves? I completely understand. I mean, they are still making movies and Casino Royale just came out, so there can’t be a definitive “ultimate edition” yet, right? True, but this is still a fair alternative. Ah, who am I kidding. This is a disappointment obviously being put out just in time for Christmas shopping.

Following their pattern of cramming all the box sets together in one giant box, MGM (who is now distributed by Fox, who did this with Buffy, Angel, and X-Files), is now giving you a big box of Bond. Their James Bond Ultimate Collector’s Set features all 21 James Bond movies in a 42 disc set sure to please any Bond fan with tons of bonus materials and remastered versions of the Bond films - material that's already been out for a while. The set comes out November 6th.

Now, the truth is, what MGM has done is taken all four volumes of the James Bond Ultimate Editions and placed them in one bigger box. That’s only 20 movies, though. Casino Royale hasn’t been around long enough to be included in one of those box sets, so it actually just sits there independently. Seriously. Take a look at the artwork below. Shelved between the two volumes is the standard Casino Royale you can go purchase in stores right now.

Do I sound a little unimpressed with this set? Maybe it’s because I am. You really aren’t getting anything out of this release that you can’t get by buying the Ultimate Edition volumes separately and just putting Casino Royale between them on a shelf. Actually, that’s probably easier on the pocketbook than this set’s suggested price of $239, which is more than you’d pay if you bought the bundle of all four volumes plus Royale at Amazon right now. At the very least the set needs some cool packaging or some unique content, but no such luck.

Take a look at the packaging, mediocre though it may be:

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