Operation: Endgame pits two rival assassin squads against one another with the goal (or Endgame, if you will) for one team to take out the other. Each is side is armed to the teeth with great under-the-radar actors like Adam Scott and Rob Corddry, while bringing in big guns in the form of Ving Rhames and Maggie Q to get this sucker off it’s feet. Heavily bearded Zack Galifianakis, recently unemployed Emilie de Ravin, and Brandon T. Jackson round out the cast of this action comedy that you probably haven’t heard of yet, because it's going straight to DVD.

If this new red band trailer for the film does anything right, it’s that it shows off mountains of fresh dialog, utilizing Rob Corddry to his fullest potential. However, the greatest line comes from Tim Bagley at the very end of the trailer which will surely sell you on the film if you weren't on board already. There’s a lot of fun action but the effects are kept to a minimum here as the ones you do see are clearly a little too cheap to be showing off in a trailer.

Check out the trailer below but be warned -- there’s a whole lot of the fuck word in it.

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