The Ryan Reynolds suspense flick Buried is the sort of high-concept pitch that Hollywood seems to love, but which sounds a little shakier the more you think about it. The "buried alive" segment of Kill Bill was terrifying and well shot, but would the intensity hold up over a full 95 minutes? Could the unthinkable horror and claustrophobia become, well, tedious after a while?

Not according to our own Josh Tyler (or numerous other critics, for that matter). Hanging a film almost exclusively on the shoulders and performance of one actor is a gamble on the best of days. Tom Hanks pulled it off with the help of a genial volleyball in Cast Away. James Franco is earning plenty of good buzz for pulling it off with the help of a brutal self-amputation in 127 Hours. Does Ryan Reynolds have the chops to keep us enthralled for the hour and a half we'll spend inside a box with him? Find out for yourself when Buried arrives as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack this January 18th, courtesy of Lionsgate. You'll only get one bonus feature for your $29.95, a making-of called "Unearthing Buried." You'd think they'd at least include some sort of an educational "What To Do If You Wake Up In A Coffin" video. Seems like a missed opportunity to me, Lionsgate.

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