Robert Duvall has gotten old since his heyday as devoted orphan Tom Hagen in the Godfather, but it doesn’t seem as if he’s slowing down. In fact, this year he starred as a kind-hearted badass in the independent film Get Low. The movie, which came out this fall, will finally be strolling like a fine southern female onto DVD and Blu-Ray February 22nd. Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray also star.

Bonus features will include commentary from Duvall, Spacek, producer Dean Zanuck, and director Aaron Schneider, as well as three featurettes. You'll get looks at “The Deep South: Buried Secrets,” “Getting Low: Getting Into Character,” and “A Screenwriter’s Point of View.” Finally, the disc will also include cast-and-crew Q&A and video from the red carpet.

We’re still a few weeks away from Oscar nominations, but with Duvall firmly in the running for his work in Get Low, we can thank our lucky stars the disc comes out five full days before the ceremony.

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