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Activision revealed today that 007 Legends is in development for the Wii U. The James Bond adventure, previously announced for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, will be a launch title for the upcoming console.

Legends's campaign is a combination of missions based on various Bond films. The films featured in the game include Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day. A fifth classic Bond movie, presumably from the Sean Connery era, will be announced for the campaign soon. A post-launch DLC pack will add a mission inspired by the soon-to-be-released film Skyfall.

Presumably the Wii U edition will make use of that console's touchscreen controller. No details were provided on that front, though. Activision only sent box art, and it looks like placeholder box art at that.

007 Legends will hit the PS3, 360 and PC in October. The Wii U edition will arrive sometime in the console's launch window, which runs from November 18th to March 2013.

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