There are a lot of games out there that get movies that may not necessarily deserve it, from Double Dragon to the Super Mario Bros. However, what if there were 10 classic games that could actually work as a movie that managed to get the Hollywood treatment?

Here at Gaming Blend we decided to test our gaming knowledge by infusing it with the cinephile nature of pop culture to come up with a list of games that could actually work as enjoyable and entertaining movies. And don't worry, there's nothing on the list that could remotely end up like that stinker Battleship. So with that said, here are 10 classic games that would actually work as movies.

Maniac Mansion
A diverse group of teenagers end up at a crazy house where the residents are trying to kill them and a mad scientist is attempting to launch a bomb that will wipe out their hometown. That's the basic gist of Maniac Mansion. Already that sounds like the makings of a movie, yet it was actually a LucasArts game from way back in 1987. The whole premise was pretty crazy but it was a fun, point-and-click adventure game where time was against you, the residents of the maniac-filled mansion were out to get you and you had to utilize the skills and abilities of each of the teens to win the game.

As a movie this would be perfect as a horror-comedy. Cheesy one-liners galore and practical gore effects could easily help this find a niche audience in today's market, sort of like the millennial edition of Chevy Chase's Nothing But Trouble. I mean, hey, if Eddie Murphy's A Haunted Mansion could break $100 million a movie based on Maniac Mansion should be able to do the same.

Elevator Action
One of the most underrated classics of all time, Elevator Action is a side-scrolling shooter where players must fight their way through various hazardous missions that mostly revolves around making use of elevators as a tactical means to thwart enemies. It sounds silly but the original game was an espionage title while the sequel was filled with exploding buildings, non-stop gunfights and awesome boss battles.

I could easily see this being filmed in a place like Bulgaria, starring Jason Statham and featuring plenty of gunfights, fistfights and a plot twist here and there. Barring an out-and-out action flick that could end up being “Die Hard in an elevator”, a more subdued espionage thriller approach could work just as well. Someone like Clive Owen taking on the lead role as a guy caught in the middle of a serious double-cross while attempting to escape from a building while procuring top secret documents is ripe for milking by the Hollywood regurgitation machine.

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