There's a list of the most popular games on YouTube and what people love viewing more than anything else on the market. Some of the games might surprise you while others will make you scoff and go “Well, of course that game is on the list”.

Game Informer did a recent rundown of the list of top 10 of the most popular games that people are viewing and watching, according to YouTube. Of course, given that it is a list you can check through to see which game ranks where starting at number 10 and filtering down to number 1.

10. Dota 2
At the top of the list is Dota 2, Valve's official foray into the MOBA territory. The game features players capable of selecting a hero, joining up with other players and partaking in a battle of strategy and skill to control the battle landscape. The game is now known quite well in the tournament e-sports scene due to the high-stakes monetary value associated with the scene. The game showed up a little late to the MOBA scene compared to titles like League of Legends but its popularity on YouTube seems to be cemented in there amongst the greats.
9. Puzzle & Dragons
I'm completely unfamiliar with Puzzle & Dragons and it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever why a Bejeweled clone would be popular to watch on YouTube amongst gamers. Perhaps for strategy and tactical reasons? No idea. The game is on Android and Apple mobile devices and is one of those games where you have to match up the three objects with each other to score points. Why this game is popular to watch on YouTube is absolutely beyond me, but maybe the video above will give you a hint.

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