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Just like in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Electronic Arts is starting to see a small comeback from their shadowy pit. The company's stock profile had been reeling for months on end, hitting an all-time low in July of $10.94. Well, EA has fixed their broken body and climbed out of the pit all because people are rooting for EA to completely demolish Zynga in their legal battle.

The stock for the company has soared up to $13.08 according to the NASDAQ listing, as of the writing of this article. Many of you know that in the last few months EA's stock had been plummeting due to a lot of bad public decision making, the Mass Effect 3 ending, and ten simple reasons that just infuriated the piss out of most gamers. In other words, EA's stock was a reflection of EA's behavior. That seems to be changing now that they're suing Zynga for copyright infringement over The Ville being too close to Sim City Social, and everyone wants to see Zynga dead and buried.

It seemed unlikely that we should be praising EA for suing another gaming company, but Zynga isn't just another gaming company. You see, Zynga is like Bane and Gotham City is like the gaming industry. Just put it together and do the math.

While EA has never been the poster-child of doing the right thing for the industry as a whole, right now many gamers would prefer if EA took a whooping to Zynga considering that, well, they're the Bane to our Gotham City. Zynga doesn't care about doing what's right for the industry, they don't even care about the gaming industry at all. They just buy up and milk whatever company they can until they can't milk it anymore, they don't even care if people hate them for it, they just want your money.

In an interesting read over at Wired regarding the EA vs Zynga lawsuit, they quote Ross Dannenberg from the firm Banner & Witcoff, who appropriately says...
“Win or lose, EA is doing the videogame community a service by seeing this case through to the end,” ... “We need guidance from courts as to how much is too much.”

We also need courts to beat the crap out of crap companies like Zynga. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and be a little less banal about their greed tactics and maybe start making quality products? Nah, that's about as likely as a Republican NRA member passing up the opportunity to shoot an illegal immigrant as they cross the border.

As part of an upside to the matter, Zynga's Chief Operating Officer (or COO), John Schappert found himself out of a job after having to resign due to his name specifically coming up in documents involving the lawsuit filed by Electronic Arts, as reported by The Verge [via Tech Radar]. Zynga is obviously reeling, and the fat-cats over at EA are probably smiling from ear-to-ear knowing that their stock is climbing while they pummel Bane out of Gotham City.

But...not everyone is on the EA retribution train. The company still has a ways to go (especially with Mass Effect fans) in repairing its relationship with gamers, and the following video shows how some people still feel about the company.

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