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DICE hasn't announced a new Battlefield: Bad Company or Mirror's Edge but that doesn't mean they've retired either series. Executive producer Patrick Bach says that the studio has fond feelings for both of those properties.

"The Bad Company IP is still something we love," Bach told IGN. "it’s very dear to me because I worked on both titles. We have no information with where we are to a sequel to Bad Company, so I can’t tell you anything about that IP."

Bad Company is a sub-series of Battlefield starring a rag-tag group of soldiers (the titular "Bad Company"). While they're extremely talented combatants, Bad Company is also undisciplined and irreverent. BC was a quirky, more story-driven spin on the series. The second game ended on a cliff-hanger so a third game always seemed likely. Nice to get some confirmation from DICE, though.

Mirror's Edge's future felt less certain, considering it isn't a traditional shooter. The first game starred Faith, a courier in a dystopian future. She delivered contraband parcels by running and jumping along the rooftops of the city. Parkour was the main focus of gameplay, rather than combat. While the game wasn't without its problems, on balance I enjoyed it. It's a shame that the game's sales were lackluster.

Bach added in his IGN chat that they love ME as well, though. They "haven't killed it, because it's too good to kill." This mirrors previous statements by the studio.

DICE recently announced that they're developing Battlefield 4. Furthermore, Bach said in this interview that they have "other projects in store for you." Perhaps the next installment of Bad Company or Mirror's Edge is closer than we think?

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