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One of the most beloved games from the 16-bit era of gaming is now available for Sony's PlayStation 4. The classic LucasArts action side-scroller, Super Star Wars, has launched for the PS4 via the PlayStation Network. You can grab the classic SNES title for your PS4 for the decent price of $9.99.

The original game came out back in 1992 to a lot of critical praise and commendable sales. The game was on the lips of just about any gamer who could get their hands on an SNES and it was on the wishlist of any gamer who couldn't.

The title has been remastered for today's generation of home consoles, and arrives on the PlayStation Store just in time for the PS4 ahead of the December release of Star Wars: Episode VII, which is due out in theaters soon and bound to move big numbers on day one.

The classic 16-bit title has been revamped to support 1080p HD output on the PS4, as well as additional controller options, trophies, leaderboards and a new save feature. You'll definitely need the save feature since the game is hard as freaking nails and you will die a lot, no matter which character you play.

For those of you unfamiliar, Super Star Wars allowed players to assume the roles of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Chewbacca. Each character had their own levels and challenges to overcome and vehicles to use. Yes... there were vehicles even way back in the old SNES title. There was a desert segment on Tantooine and the Death Star trench run with Luke.

Players traveled to a couple of key locations featured throughout the film series and were able to use some of the popular weapons in the Star Wars lore, including the lightsaber, Han's DL-44 blaster pistol and Chewie's bowcaster.

The game isn't anything too special compared to the offerings of today's gaming capabilities, but it was already mentioned that some classic Star Wars titles would be released in the fall season for the PlayStation systems. What's more is that cross-buy is enabled, so if you use your account to buy the game on the PlayStation Vita you'll also have access to the game on the PlayStation 4.

The release of Super Star Wars on Sony's home consoles and portable device comes just on the heels of EA and DICE's release of Star Wars: Battlefront, the newest re-imagining of Pandemic's classic third-person shooter.

So far there are some mixed results for DICE's game. Given that it's running on some very fancy Frostbite 3 technology it has been praised to no end for its amazing visual quality and graphics, as well as being able to thoroughly capture the sound and audio that helped make the Star Wars films stand out. However, on the flip side there are plenty of complaints about the game lacking in the content department – not being replayable enough and not having enough depth to its gameplay to justify the $60 dive.

Well, if you don't think Star Wars: Battlefront is worth $60, maybe you can justify paying $9.99 for Super Star Wars?
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