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Why There Needs To Be One Final Attempt At A Silent Hill Movie

While some might agree that the Silent Hill movies aren't that bad, I could rage on for hours about all of the ways they totally destroy the Silent Hill name. And even though I'm more keen on the second installment than the first, I would still be open to someone pushing out a third movie to seal the deal.

This past December, Silent Hill fans around the world were met with anger, sadness and despair as Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro announced that their ambitious and highly-popular video game project, Silent Hills, was canceled.

And since the spiritual successor to the game, Allison Road, also just announced a surprise cancellation, Silent Hill fans are feeling a little confused and left out. Silent Hill competitor Resident Evil debuted a solid demo of the new Resident Evil 7 at E3 and even released a quick demo on PS4 which, surprisingly, had all of the horrifying elements of a P.T. It even made Silent Hill fans wonder if this is what the canceled Silent Hills would've turned into.

But even though Silent Hill fans have been battered and beaten and kicked in the nads, they are still there, waiting patiently for someone to feed them what they hunger for: Silent Hill.

While the first and seconds films in the Silent Hill series weren't great, they had potential. And what is a series without its third and final film? Here's what I propose: I propose that someone (please let it be James Wan) take the subject of Silent Hill and, without copying any of the stories from the game, turn it into their own series, using the setting of Silent Hill. Create a new instance of Silent Hill, which is obviously someone wandering aimlessly into the town only to find themselves wrapped up in all of the horrific drama. What's great about the Silent Hill game series isn't the creepy cult or anything like that, it's the creatures and the things that live in that world. Hell, I wouldn't even say no to a whole 'nother trilogy if someone wanted to completely revamp the idea.

Not too long ago I didn't think survival horror was going to make it out of its lull. For a while there, survival horror struggled to make it back to the Triple A game and until Silent Hills _came back onto the scene and introduced us all the chilling terrors of _P.T., no one knew if survival horror would ever be the same. But now that we've reignited this interest in the atmospheric horror that we loved so much during Silent Hill's time, I think it's time to embrace that obsession in the cinematic world. To be fair, the first Silent Hill movies were released during a time of a survival horror identity crisis, so of course people didn't care. Of course the movie didn't meet expectations. But I think horror cinema has the greenlight to give this thing a whirl again.

Silent Hill, as a video game, has so much to play with cinematically. I just think the right director hasn't swooped in to turn it into what it really needs to be.