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Silent Hill Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 Is A Gorgeous And Painful Reminder Of What Could've Been

When Silent Hills was officially canceled, it was an announcement heard ‘round the gaming world. It was that project so many dedicated Silent Hill fans were waiting for and it was just out of reach until it was snatched away forever. But that doesn’t mean some fans don’t dream about what could’ve been. One fan decided to recreate a few scenes from the original Silent Hill games in Unreal Engine 4 and the result reopened old wounds. 

While the video isn’t very long or very in-depth like other recreated projects out there, it gives us a brief glimpse into what Silent Hills could have been like. Now you know when it comes to Silent Hill, I wouldn’t leave you that high and dry with only a short and brief video. Here’s another one I managed to find where someone recreated Silent Hill 4: The Room in Unreal Engine 4. 

It’s a lot easier to see the minute details in this video than in the first video. For example, if you look on the floor of the room, you can see pools of water on the ground and the light reflecting in the water. The textures of the furniture in the room are more defined and everything feels just a little bit clearer than what you see in the older game from 2004. 

The mere amount of screenshots we saw from the canceled Silent Hills game showed a town that felt more real, more alive than in any other Silent Hill game before it, and that’s probably what I was looking forward to the most. While Silent Hill Downpour kind of brought the town to life, it didn’t feel like Silent Hill. But I had hopes that Kojima would’ve communicated it in the right way. But there’s no reason to mope about it all over again. 

While there probably won’t be any sort of Silent Hill game in the future, you can’t blame a fan for wanting a taste of what could’ve been. But I’ll leave you with a video of Silent Hill 4: The Room recreated in Unreal Engine 4 without all of the Otherworld creepiness.