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New gameplay footage of Dead Rising 4 has made it out into the public, showing some of the locations that players will visit, as well as some of the items they'll be able to craft and vehicles that can be driven.

Dead Rising 4

Capcom's upcoming title was featured on Polygon where we get to see four and a half minutes of gameplay. It skips and hops through various segments just until it gets to a part where Frank West -- the iconic hero from the original Dead Rising -- gets into a facility where groups of people are being poked and prodded for some unknown reason.

The action doesn't really get going until around two minutes into the video, where Frank is confronted by a zombie who he dispatches with some surprisingly well animated punches to the face. Capcom really made sure that the fights in this game look a smooth and as visceral as possible.

In typical Dead Rising fashion, Frank then manages to get his hand on a plank with spikes on the end while asking his comrades to find him a flamethrower. The clip shows a brief scene of the zombie slayer whacking and hitting the zombies until they can't get up. The scene plays out like an arena combat mode and it appears to be early in the game given how little access the player has to more advanced weaponry, and the fact that their inventory seems rather sparse. If this were the middle or end of the game, Frank would likely be decked out in an exo-suit while wielding an axe taped onto an electric charged flamethrower.

After the arena combat scene the clip changes to the new selfie mode that they've implemented into Dead Rising 4. This feature allows players to pose Frank in ridiculous ways and then snap a photo. It's tough to tell if the photos will be stored somewhere that will make it possible to share via real life social media, or if it will simply stay within the game's own little universe and allow players to scroll through them and view them at leisure.

Later into the video we get to see Frank shooting an assault rifle briefly, and then we see him on a lawnmower, rolling over and blending up zombies using the elevated front blades. The lawnmower is made even more dangerous thanks to some flamethrowers attached to it. I suppose a running theme throughout the video for Dead Rising 4 is flamethrowers.

We get to see another vehicle in action briefly, what looks like a decked out dune buggy with a turret gun and a light on top. Another segment shows Frank walking through an access tunnel with a bunch of disabled cars sitting around. What makes the segment interesting is that apparently there are no lights, so Frank is forced to use his camera's night vision as a way to see through the dark. That scene could raise a few hairs, no doubt.

Dead Rising 4 is due for release on Windows 10 and the Xbox One starting December 6th.

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