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Kit Harington

With Game of Thrones' Kit Harington taking on the role of villainous Admiral Salen Kotch, it looks like winter is finally coming to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

While Jon Snow may "know nothing," it sounds like Admiral Kotch is the type of guy who has some answers. Then again, his answers lead to planetary warfare, so maybe he's not as clever as he likes to think.

I'll do my best to get through the rest of this without making further goofy references to Game of Thrones, but I make no promises. As mentioned above, Kit Harington takes on the role of the beloved Jon Snow in George R.R. Martin's fantasy epic. He hasn't starred in a heck of a lot outside of that so, if you're not a fan of Thrones, consider Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare your opportunity to become acquainted with his acting skills.

It was announced last week that Harington will play the part of _Infinite Warfare's _villain, Admiral Kotch, though we're guessing he's more of a level-headed baddie than the mustache-twirling type. Game Informer recently had a chat with Infinite Warfare Director Taylor Kurosaki about Harington's role in the game, giving a bit of insight into the character.

According to Kurosaki, Kotch is the head honcho of the Settlement Defense Front's fleet, where he commands the biggest ship of the lot, the Olympus Mons.

Long story short, Kotch is not a fan of the way things are going for the world and, commanding a terrifying fleet of ships, decides that he can take charge by sheer force. That's where the player comes in, taking on the role of Reyes, a soldier who has now been thrust into the role of leadership.

The cool thing about Infinite Warfare's story is that it could be applied to any time period. Given the space ships you'll be flying around in, it's almost like a maritime war epic, with a smaller fleet of determined soldiers trying to take out a massive armada.

Kotch was described as the head of the class when it comes to this type of warfare, so you'll be matching wits against a guy who has been around the galaxy a few times. And while you're constantly trying to outmaneuver Kotch and put a halt to his efforts, he and his Olympus Mons will be hunting you down the entire time.

When Kotch struts onto screen, it will be Harington at the helm. As is common practice these days, he acted out all of his own scenes in a motion capture suit, which should help turn Kotch into a living, breathing menace.

We'll have to wait a while to see how all of that pans out, though, as we're still a few months out from Infinite Warfare's launch date. Look for Infinity Ward's latest war story to march onto the scene on Nov. 4.

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