I Tried Playing The Sims 4 Without Cheating And Here’s What Happened

Ever since the debut of The Sims back in 2000, cheat codes have been a critical part of surviving in The Sims universe. Without the cheat codes, how would you make so much money? Get a job? But I wanted to see just how hard it would be if I limited myself to playingThe Sims 4 without cheat codes, and things didn't turn out so well.

Usually when I create a Sims family in The Sims 4, I spend hours building my house because usually I have all the money in the world to spare. But this time, I didn't have that luxury. Instead, I had to buy a little one bedroom house with a tiny kitchen and barely a living room. My television set was hardly high-tech and I had to buy the bare minimum and cheapest kitchenware, stuff that would probably set my house on fire if I tried to cook. Living on a budget in The Sims sucked.

Just like I thought, the first time I went to make my Sim cook dinner for my boyfriend, I set the fricken kitchen on fire. Thank goodness I made room in the budget for the smoke detector, because the firemen were swift and took out the fire, leaving behind a mess. Needless to say, I saved some money and got rid of the stove and just bought a microwave.

So now that part of my house was burnt and I only had the skills to microwave meals from now on, it was time to try and get a job before I run out of money. Instead of using a fancy laptop like I used to use in my past playing experiences, I had to find a job using the newspaper. I picked up a measly job in a restaurant, and I hated it. I would come home totally stressed out and angry, and my asshole of a boyfriend and I would be irritated with each other and I'd just go to bed hungry and sad.

That's probably around the time I stopped showering. I went to bed so late after staying up to argue that I didn't have time to shower in the morning, so I went to work without showering. I strained myself to do well at work so that I could bring home a bonus, only to find I was late paying my bills and got shit taken away.

So now, not only was my relationship falling apart, but so was my cleanliness and general care about life. I was stuck in a dead-end job, I didn't have the money to buy the fancy cooking devices and ingredients I needed to get better at cooking. Therefore, I could not take advantage of the opportunities in cooking that popped up.

Overall, my Sims experience without using cheat codes was pretty harrowing. Things went south extremely fast and it was almost sad to see how depressed my Sims were without money or any way to boost their moods. Needless to say, The Sims wouldn't be the same without their notorious cheat codes. And life in The Sims 4 just wouldn't be as enjoyable---or worth living. Or maybe I've just been spoiled for so long with The Sims that I've forgotten how to truly survive on my own without the help of a cheat code. Whatever the case, I won't be giving up cheat codes again anytime soon.