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With Sony working on its upcoming Project Neo, Xbox was quick to jump on the bandwagon and announce not only a rival Project Scorpio, but also a slimmed down version of the Xbox One called Xbox One S. But with over a year of waiting for Scorpio, the Xbox One S is coming out way sooner than expected.

Microsoft announced this morning in a press release that the slimmer version of the Xbox One would be releasing as soon as next month, on August 2. That's almost exactly two weeks from today. They launched a video, which announced the release date, shown below.

The new Xbox One S will be smaller than the brick-of-a-console that is the original Xbox One but will also hold way more storage: 2 Terabytes. And instead of using the power "brick" as it was referred to, the power supply will now be built in. And to put it slightly above the PS4, the Xbox One S will be the first console to allow you to watch videos and blu-ray movies in 4K Ultra HD.

I wish the Xbox One S had released in this style alongside the PS4 rather than the brick that came out first. I remember working at GameStop and cracking so many jokes about the Xbox One because of how big it was, the size of a big VCR. But Xbox does have a history of releasing something bulky first, and then "slimming" it down so I guess I should've seen it coming. But now that I've waited this long without getting an Xbox One, maybe now I'll actually jump on the Xbox One S since they've gone and improved it, made it 40% smaller and with a little more power and space. Patience is key and I feel like it will certainly pay off for me.

The Xbox One S will be starting at $399, the same price as the Xbox One and PS4 were when they first launched, so it shouldn't be that much of a reach for those who are looking to replace their bulky Xbox One. And be prepared to stand in line for a long time come August 2. The pre-orders start at $299 for a 500GB console, which is a good deal to start, but if you want that extra space, you'll have to cough up the extra $100 for the 2TB hard drive. You can pre-order the Xbox One S at the online Microsoft Store, but do it fast because you never know how quickly they'll run out.

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