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How You Can Play The Super Nintendo With A PS4 Controller

Retro Receiver
(Image credit: 8bitdo)

Still have a working SNES in your abode? Well, there's some really good news for you: there's a way to play your SNES using a DualShock 4 controller, along with several other new-school wireless controllers. How is this possible? Well, with an adapter.

IGN is reporting that companies Analogue and 8bitdo have released their wireless adapter for the SNES, aptly called the Retro Receiver. This has been in the making for a while now and it's finally released and made available for public consumption.

The 8bitdo Retro Receiver plugs into the Super Nintendo's front controller port and can read wireless Bluetooth devices on a 2.4ghz signal.

The single adapter offers support for anywhere between two and four players, which is pretty impressive if you plan on whipping out games like Smash Tennis or Super Fire Pro Wrestling and you have a few friends over who have a PS4 controller, a Wii U Pro Controller or a Wii-mote. Additionally the 8bitdo can also read signals from wireless PS3 controllers and the custom 8bitdo controllers.

What's more is that if you want to use the Retro Receive on PC or Mac, you can do so! Plugging in the device to your PC will allow it to operate as an Xinput device, so that means that it will read controller inputs as if they were Xbox 360 or Xbox One controllers. You won't even need to use Xpadder to custom configure the controllers... well, in theory.

The Retro Receiver also has a built-in CPU and flash memory chip that allows its firmware to be upgraded, which means that it could offer support for additional controllers and devices like the Xbox One controller or maybe even the Steam Controller.

Now given that the SNES only had the four main face buttons, the left and right bumpers and the start and select buttons, along with the digital pad, I'm sure many of you are wondering what the rest of the buttons do on controllers like the Wii Pro Controller or the SixAxis or DualShock 4? Well, according to the page over on Play-Asia they actually state that the additional buttons that are not configured to replicate the standard face buttons and control buttons work as turbo buttons. Cool, eh? That should definitely come in handy for games like Double Dragon & Battletoads or Star Fox.

The Retro Receiver is only $24.99 so if you already have Bluetooth compatible controllers you shouldn't have any troubles pairing them with the receiver and getting your game on using a wireless controller on your classic SNES console.

I do wonder if with the proper firmware upgrades if it would be possible to eventually pair the Wii U's GamePad to the Retro Receiver? Some hackers have already been messing around with the GamePad and attempting to pair with PC and perform other tasks, so I'm curious if 8bitdo would take that next step and make it possible to use the Wii U's patented device on their older hardware like the SNES?

Speculation aside, you can get your hands on the Retro Receiver right now along with 8bitdo's other wireless controllers from over on for only $24.99.

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