You Can Now Use PS4's DualShock 4 To Play Xbox One Games

Fancy those PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers? Well, if you like them more than the Xbox One pads, which are effectively super-models transformed into the format of a game controller, then you can grab yourself a CronusMax adapter and play all your favorite Xbox One games to your heart's content... with a DualShock 4.

Now Gamer spotted the video from Cronus Max (who might need to be wary of showcasing Killer Instinct in his video lest he get hit with an unscrupulous copyright claim) where the seven and a half minute video – the one that you can view above – showcases various types of peripherals from the Sony DualShock 4 to a keyboard and mouse, all working in marvelous synchronicity with Microsoft's Xbox One game console, thanks to an adapter mod. It seems like a bit of black magic at first but the video description rolls out the details and shows some firsthand tweaking to get unapproved peripherals working on an Xbox One.

The device is a well welcomed addition for console gamers who probably play competitive FPS titles or racing games with non-Microsoft approved racing peripherals, but I have to admit that the device is developed for the wrong system.

Using your Wii U Pro Controller on an Xbox One is nice, or a Wii Mote or a DualShock 4 or an unlicensed fight stick, but the Xbox One already comes with the sexiest controller around. Now I've had a bit of time to get the feel of it, and while I think the LB and RB buttons lack enough spring recoil, I think that the design (especially the revamped digital pad and precision-rotary analog sticks) really make it about the best game pad on the market. It's like, replacing a tuned Mitsubishi Lancer with a Ford Focus... I mean, who does that?

On the buy page through the device's home page, the description notes that the CronusMax works with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, but it doesn't make mention of the PS4. Ideally, if this works with the Xbox One we might all assume it works with the PS4... right?

Even more ideal would be the possibility of plugging this bad boy into the PS4 and then synching an Xbox One controller to the PS4. Oh man, how awesome would that be? The most powerful eighth generation home console paired with the sexiest controller from the home console. Gamers would finally get to use a controller worthy of true 1080p, 60fps gaming.

Anyway, the CronusMax adapter is available right now at select e-tailers. According to the YouTube description PS4 support will be arriving soon. You can scout through various outlets to pick up your very own CronusMax from the official website. Be warned, though, the adapter isn't entirely cheap and you'll need to shell out $59.95 if you want to be able to use multiple, unlicensed peripherals on your Xbox One.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.