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For the upcoming PAX West there's going to be a special theatrical presentation of a live Dungeons & Dragons session hosted by game designer Chris Perkins. The event will get underway on September 4th across theaters nationwide.

Game Informer is reporting that the yearly Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons & Dragons event will take place at PAX West in Seattle, Washington. The upcoming PAX event will run from September 2nd to September 5th, and on September 4th the Acquisition Incorporated event will take place.

As mentioned, Chris Perkins will host the event as a dungeon master and there will be various quests and dungeons that a group of gaming personalities will go on. According to Game Informer, the event can be quite wild and entertaining. It's expected to get underway at 6pm PST.

It's usually a two hour role-playing romp as five individuals partake in the events hosted by a dungeon master. If you have no idea what it's like or how the Acquisitions Incorporated series works, there are a variety of videos up and available on YouTube right now on the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel. You can check out the latest video below from PAX East, which took place this past May.

The entire event is almost borderline NSFW, but it's filled to the brim with a lot of laughter and a lot of jokes and a lot of silliness as the group showcases why Dungeons & Dragons the tabletop game can be as fun as it is, even in today's world of video games and virtual reality.

It may be a little difficult to get into, but it's something that's kind of explained in a bit more detail where Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Toonhound Studios Scott Kurtz, and The Kingkiller Chronicles' Patrick Rothfuss while Wizards of the Coast's Chris Perkins works as a dungeon master.

If this all still sounds way in the weeds, Penny Arcade TV actually has a tightly edited first episode of the Acquisitions Incorporated series. You can check out the episode below to see what it might be like if you check it out in the theater on September 4th.

If you don't regularly play Dungeons & Dragons and you were curious how the tabletop game could be played in real life with a lot of the layers of role-playing involved, the video above gives you a good idea of how a dungeon master might plot out the game and how the other players get involved in the game.

It's till a niche pastime, but something worth checking out if you have even the faintest inclination to get involved with Dungeons & Dragons or at least check it out and see what all the fuss has been about for the past 30 or so years.

You'll need to check the Fathom Events website for listings on ticket information and start times at local cinemas across the nation, so you'll know where to show up to check out Dungeons & Dragons' Acquisitions Incorporated at a theater near you.

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