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Just Cause 3

Avalanche Studios' third and final DLC pack for the season pass of Just Cause 3 has been detailed. You can get your hands on the Bavarium Sea Heist content starting today if you have the Land, Air, Sea season pass and starting August 18th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC if you don't have the season pass.

Gamespot detailed how the new Just Cause 3 content sees Rico Rodriguez heading out to sea to liberate Medici's coastal waters of Scolio using a brand new vehicle called the Loochador. The vehicle will be used to battle enemy forces and infiltrate the Stingray base where an experimental weapon can be acquired called the Lightning Gun.

They actually have a quick minute long video for the new content that you can check out below, which features a look at the new Loochador and the Lightning Gun.

The Stingray base and the experimental weapons testing remind me of some Tesla-style devices. Using the weather as a weapon sounds like something out of an old sci-fi flick. The Lightning Gun will also enable Rico to call down lightning strikes on the intended targets, creating explosions in result.

You can't really tell from the video, but it doesn't appear as if the Lightning Gun in Just Cause 3 is capable of completely demolishing structures in the same way as mines and other explosives.

The Bavarium Sea Heist DLC follows on two other DLC expansion packs, one of which featured mechs and the other featuring the new rocket-powered wingsuit. The DLC seems to be okay but for the expansion packs to total up to $24.99 it seems a little... sparse.

Individually, you can get each expansion for $5.99. A boat, a base, and the Lightning Gun seem a little steep for $5.99.

That's not to take away from the absolutely massive sandbox-style gameplay offered in Just Cause 3. The game gives you a lot of content to experience in the full package, with plenty of vehicles, weapons, and enemies to face off against.

Also, the Loochador gameplay segments look like they have some really solid boat physics for the armored vehicle, so I suppose the price will depend on how much you like certain kinds of gameplay.

I always felt as if Just Cause was like a less over-the-top version of Saints Row, insofar that the vehicles and the combat always seem kind of light and airy as opposed to being grounded and weighty. Ultimately, the lack of weight and the lack of a comprehensive AI enemy made both series get boring kind of fast unless you just like goofing around and causing chaos. That's who the DLC will likely be targeting... people who just want light combat with lots of opportunities to cause chaos.

If you already have the season pass you can start loading up the Bavarium Sea Heist for Just Cause 3 right now. If you don't have the season pass you can purchase it next week for the home consoles or PC starting August 18th.

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