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The Xbox One's boot-up process is easily one of its cooler aspects because different special editions have different boot-up sequences. Well, Microsoft will be enabling gamers to change that boot-up sound in one of the upcoming updates for the console.

Gamespot is reporting that one of the newest updates for the Xbox One's firmware will enable users to turn on or turn off the boot-up sound. Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb revealed on Twitter that the option will be available in an upcoming update.

The image reveals that there will be options in the system menu for the Xbox One that will allow you to wake up the Xbox One with your voice with an instant-on option, along with faster start-up times and the ability to turn on the cable or satellite using the console.

You can also choose how the system turns off, what it does when you execute certain options to turn the system off, as well as whether or not there's a start-up or power-down sound when the console goes on or off.

A second tweet from Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb also reveals what the pull-down menu will look like.

It's weird that the chime from the start-up and power-down were issues that some people had. I always thought that the Xbox One's sounds were fine as they were. Then again, as mentioned at the top of the article certain Xbox One special edition consoles have specially made boot-up and power-down sounds, so I can imagine some people may have become annoyed listening to a car start up with the Forza console or maybe they didn't like the Halo 5 chimes when turning on or turning off the console.

Nevertheless, options are always a good thing and Microsoft has been very keen on giving gamers options after they had a really rough start out of the gate in 2013 and 2014.

After Phil Spencer took over the Xbox division the company has been putting a lot of time and a lot of effort into listening to fan feedback, improving the home console with new features and new options, and giving gamers a lot more accessibility and customization options in how the Xbox One behaves.

In fact, I think Microsoft has given Xbox One gamers a lot more options than what Sony has given PS4 gamers. Then again, Sony is in the lead right now so they aren't quite as pressured to step their game up the way Microsoft has.

Major Nelson doesn't give a timetable on when this new update with the system chime options will go live, but if he's teasing it for Xbox One owners on his Twitter account then it's likely that the update will be available sooner rather than later.

The latest update for the Xbox One added a lot of other highly requested features, including the background music implementation along with the voice-activated Cortana assistant. The update went live in connection with the Xbox One S launching.

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