How Metroid Prime: Federation Force Hints At The Future Of The Franchise

The controversial Metroid Prime: Federation Force has a pretty insane conclusion that opens up a lot of possibilities for a continuation of the series. While some folks refuse to accept the game as canon, the game's surprisingly involved narrative begs to differ.

The following video gives you a gander at the final boss in Federation Force, the latest game in the Metroid series, as well as some interesting scenes in the game's credits. It should go without saying that there are massive spoilers ahead since, once again, this video shows off the game's conclusion. Consider yourself warned and then warned again. Since the real important tidbit doesn't come until following the credits, you might want to just skip ahead, unless you want to stay completely in the dark. If that's the case, I'm not sure why you're still reading this.

The above, rather lengthy video comes from the folks at GameXplain, where they dove into the final showdown between the Federation Force and the Space Pirates that can't seem to stop causing trouble for everyone.

In case you're wondering why I referred to Federation Force as "controversial" in the opening, it's because folks have been hugely up in arms about the game since it was announced in 2015. The game takes a decidedly more cartoonish approach to the world of the Metroid series and, gasp, doesn't star longtime hero Samus Aran. It turns out that's a deadly sin for many so-called fans, who took to the internet with the type of venom and hatred typically reserved for, well, things that actually matter.

As it turns out, Federation Force isn't just a cooperative shooter, but it also boasts a narrative that ties into the Metroid Prime storyline quite nicely and, following the credits, hints at a possible future installment.

Following the Federation Force credits, we see a figure strut into FF headquarters and steal a Metroid egg. Over on Eurogamer, they point out that said figure is assumed to be Sylux, a hunter from previous Metroid Prime games. It's further explained that Metroid Prime series boss Kensuke Tanabe went on record as saying they wanted to make a game focusing on Sylux and that the next proper Metroid Prime game would be a console title, likely coming to the Wii U and/or NX.

So add all of that up and what are we looking at? Well, it appears that Federation Force might serve as a bridge between Metroid Prime 3 and whatever they decide to call the next game in the series, with Sylux taking on a more important role.

We are, of course, open to hearing your thoughts on the series in the comments below. That is, of course, unless all you have to say is that Federation Force "isn't a real Metroid Prime game." That ship has sailed, come back and sailed away once again.

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