The PlayStation VR Demo Disc Is Way Better In North America

Job Simulator

Last week we learned what game demos would be available when PlayStation VR landed across the pond. We assumed that North America would see te same the collection. We assumed wrong. As it turns out, the version of the disc that is hitting in the US and Canada will have all the same games that the European disc will have, with several more to boot.

Following on the news that demo disc will be included with the European edition of the PSVR, the PlayStation Blog has now confirmed that the same is true over here. However, if you compare the list of games, you notice that this new list is much longer. In addition to all the games that were already announced, the North American PSVR release will also include: Job Simulator, Harmonix Music VR, Rez Infinite, Within, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Thumper, Here They Lie, Resident Evil 7 (Kitchen Demo), Gnog, and Allumette.

While there are still plenty of games that everybody is getting, like Drive Club VR, EVE: Valkyrie, and PlayStation VR Worlds, the difference is quite substantial and really looks like one side is getting the short end of the stick. Owlchemy Labs Job Simulator has become one of the standouts among those who have already experienced VR gaming. The Resident Evil 7 demo isn't much of a game, but it's a tech demo for a very high profile title designed for VR. There are also additional major names here like Until Dawn, Rez, and Harmonix. This isn't just about the quantity of experiences that have been added, many of them would appear to add unique gameplay types to the disc that the other version simply doesn't have.

While this may not be great news overseas, for North American gamers it's fantastic. The demo disc alone would appear to have more than enough virtual reality content to keep you busy for quite awhile by itself. Also, the more stuff you have to try out early, the more you know where to invest your money when the full games are available. Let's face it, playing Rez in VR is either going to be the most fascinating, or the most terrifying, VR experience ever. It's important to know which before you spend your money.

The demo disc will be available for everybody to download once PSVR launches on October 13. Will you be picking up a PSVR headset next month? Let us know down in the comments.

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