The New Prey Trailer Shows A Major Change To The Main Character

The latest addition to the Prey series has already undergone some dramatic changes, and now it looks like even the main character, Morgan, will be no exception.

Bethesda recently revealed the latest trailer for the upcoming Prey, which reveals some additional details about the mysterious game. Prime among them is the fact that the protagonist, Morgan, can be played as a female character. So if you want to dive into some trippy sci-fi as a guy or gal, it looks like the latest Prey will have you covered.

As we mentioned just a moment ago, this isn't the first big change we've seen for the upcoming game. The original Prey launched back in 2006 and featured a cast of characters who were abducted by aliens. It was a first-person shooter, though more akin to BioShock or Dishonored than, say, Call of Duty.

What's interesting is that the original Prey was in development for more than a decade, undergoing several changes before it finally made it into players' hands. It's fitting, then, that this new Prey underwent a similar transformation.

Back in 2013, Prey 2 was revealed, looking to feature another group of abductees and a playable character that appeared to be a sheriff in a space colony. That version of the game eventually fell off of the radar until this most recent E3, when Bethesda revealed a completely reimagined take on the whole thing.

Looking to blend sci-fi with a bit of creepiness, the new Prey certainly seems to fit within the universe of the original game. The first trailer for the game featured a character named Morgan who was quite clearly a dude. In the new trailer, though, Morgan is a woman, and we think it's pretty cool that Bethesda is advertising the game under both banners. They even gave the trailer a clever name, "Another Yu."

This latest trailer begins with Morgan talking about these dreams she's been having while we're treated to some lovely images of a futuristic city in space. Things start to go sideways, at which point Morgan loads a gun and then shoves a needle in her eye. Because, you know, that's how they roll in the year 2035.

Morgan explains that she's not living in a dream, but a nightmare, at which point we see shadowy monsters crawling all over the place. It has a whole Lovecraftian vibe, which we're certainly in favor of. Next thing you know, Morgan explains that not a single one of these monsters can be allowed to break free of the space station, which reminds us of another fantastic game series, Dead Space.

The whole thing comes to a close with a reminder that Prey arrives in 2017, and we say bring it on.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.