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Capcom released a couple of new teaser trailers for upcoming horror game Resident Evil VII this week, giving players a better feel for what they can expect out of this departure from the series' norm. It looks like some familiar elements will be popping up, though, as well as some new faces.

There's no denying that Resident Evil VII is going to be different. It's being billed as taking the series back to its horror roots from 20 years ago but, so far, this game looks even more geared toward survival horror than the original Resident Evil.

At this point, we've seen Resident Evil VII in VR, we've played a couple of demos and even enjoyed a couple trailers that make it feel like players are gearing up to spend some quality time with the Texas Chainsaw family. This new Resident Evil is played from the first-person perspective, making it look more like P.T. than anything we've seen out of Resident Evil. There's also a clear focus on exploration, puzzle solving and hiding, which certainly makes for a more tense experience.

In case you feared that all of the Resident Evil norms were being stripped from the final product, however, then Capcom's more recent, and super brief, trailers should help calm you down. The first one is called "Shotgun in a Box," and you only get one guess as to what it's about.

After playing through REVII's first couple of trailers, lots of folks were worried that, since there was no focus on combat, that defending yourself would be all but removed from the game. This first trailer proves that this will not be the case, as the scene shows the player opening a big ole box full of goodies. There are bullets for your handgun in the box, as well as a shotgun and a pocket full of shells. In other words, you're going to get to make the baddies go boom.

There's also an item called a "stone statuette," which we assume will come in handy with one of those puzzles we were just talking about.

Finally, you'll notice that inventory maintenance will again be key. You only have a limited number of spaces in your inventory, which you'll be filling with weapons, healing items, event items and the like. Choose what you take wisely.

The clip ends with the shotgun being racked, as if to say, "See!? You get to shoot stuff."

The second teaser is called "Mysterious Caller" and, again, you don't really need any further info to figure out what's going to happen.

In this railer for REVII, we see several different phones ringing before the player finally picks up. We hear a voice say that we really shouldn't have come here, which we've definitely figured out for ourselves at this point.

The important thing to know is how many phones we saw. That says, to us, that this person will be assisting the player along the way, giving them more info for the back story, telling them where to go and things like that. It's a good answer to the walkies and radios you use in most Resident Evil games and, let's face it, way more spooky.

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