The Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Contains A Ton Of Spoilers

Pokemon Sun and Moon
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Whenever new content arrives for a game, expect die-hard fines to rifle through the files and deconstruct everything they possibly can. That's exactly what happened with the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, which was data mined for all sorts of spoilers.

Polygon did a write-up based on what was uncovered in the data mining, revealing that there's a ton of content to glean from the game, even if you can't naturally access it all just by playing Pokemon Sun and Moon's demo. There are obvious spoilers revealed in the data dump, so if you don't want anything spoiled you might want to flee now... flee very far away!

For instance, dat aminer Kaphotics revealed that there are around 800 Pokemon in the game, the Ash-Pikachu exists within Pokemon Sun and Moon, and there were some new sprites that weren't found in the demo.

There are a number of Pokemon types they reveal in the video, including different form types and Alolan forms. For Pikachu, it doesn't appear to get any special forms, but instead, comes with a variety of different signature hats with logos on them. We see some of the Shiny forms as well, along with confirmation that the leaks about the starter Pokemon in Sun and Moon turned out to be real, and their ultimate and final forms are in the game.

The data mined leaks also reveal pre-evolutions for some of the legendary Pokemon, and we find out that there are eight special beasts.

In a separate post, Kaphotics goes through the Shiny form sprites, revealing the different evolutions for some of the Pokemon featured in Pokemon Sun and Moon, even though many of them aren't playable in the demo.

If you're familiar with the Pokemon revealed so far for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPGs, you likely won't be able to understand what exactly the data mined info is pointing out or what it really means for anything because Kaphotics doesn't really detail the significance of the Pokemon for newcomers and newbies alike.

Polygon, however, reveals that based on the information from Kaphotics and information released on Twitter by others who have been data mining the demo, they've concluded that the entire Pokedex is featured within the demo build of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The article also covers leaked images of some of the final forms for the three starter Pokemon, revealing that under the right conditions, players will be able to maximize their starters and turn them into big, bad Pokemon by the end of the game. It's also interesting that you won't have to wait for a sequel to play as the final forms.

The leaks originally revealed that there would be all new types for players to acquire, including mushroom types, a dolphin type, a sea cucumber, a snowman and a rugby monkey. This was detailed over on Flightrising, where they went through a list of the various leaks that have now been corroborated based on what was discovered in the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo through data-mining the content.

So the question is: does this new info make you more or less excited for the upcoming 3DS title?

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