Pokemon Sun And Moon Video Reveals New Forms, Pokemon, And Moves

Nintendo and the Pokemon Company released a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS exclusives, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The new trailer covers a lot of the new features they've implemented into the game.

Exploring the exotic location of Alola, the trailer that was posted up on the Official Pokemon Channel features five whole minutes of gameplay and content centered around the newest island in the Pokemon universe.

One of the new Pokemon they cover is Exeggutor, which looks like a deformed pineapple fused with the Quintessons from Transformers. Exeggutor in Pokemon Sun and Moon gets a special Alola transformation that turns it into a grass and dragon type. Its neck extends upward like a pineapple tree while its tail grows longer. It's one of the most disturbing looking Pokemon in the entire history of the franchise.

One of the more fan-favorite Pokemon, Vulpix, will also have a special evolutionary form in Pokemon Sun and Moon, turning into the iced rendition of the legendary and famed Japanese creature, the Ninetales. Fans of Naruto Shippuden should be very familiar with that beast. Not only will there be an iced Ninetales but an iced version of Vulpix as well.

Both Sandshrew and Sandslash also get evolved Alola forms, turning into iced renditions of their previous incarnations. They also get new ice abilities, including the new Snow Cloak move.

New Pokemon types aren't the only thing present in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the trailer above also reveals four new unique styles for Oricorio. These include the Baile style, the Pom-Pom style, the Pa'u style and the Sensu style. They're all based on cultural dance styles, from the Spanish pasodoble to the Japanese Odori, and they cover a unique mixture of various cultures within Oricorio's cache of styles.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Each of the styles also contain their own types of moves, from Fire and Electric to Psychic and Ghost. There's a bit of something in there for every type of Pokemon trainer. Even more than that, Oricorio can mimic and copy everyone else's dance moves.

The trailer doesn't end there, though. They also introduce a new rock and flying type called Minior. It has an ability called Shields Down, where it can absorb a hit from an opponent and break out of its shell. Once the shell is broken Minior has four different core types it can utilize on the battlefied.

They introduce the new Pokemon Gumshoos, which appears to be a riff on the nickname for detectives. There's also Fomantis, a grass type that can evolve into Lurantis.

One of the previously announced Pokemon also gets a bit of the spotlight in the new trailer... Mudbray. The clip for Mudbray leads into one of the things that gamers have been questioning and excited about since the announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon... transportation. You can now call in transport and travel around the islands riding on Pokemon. This includes traveling by land, sea and even air.

New boss challenges and island trials are present, along with all new Z-Moves that can power-up your Pokemon's abilities. The Z-Moves can only be used once per battle so use them wisely.

You can look for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon to launch for the Nintendo 3DS starting November 18th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.