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Sombra's journey to being a playable character in Overwatch has been an odd one. But while her final arrival was heralded by zero pomp and circumstance, everyone can finally rejoice as the hacker with a love for purple joins the FPS roster.

Sombra, along with a whole bunch of additional content and tweaks, went live this week with the launch of Overwatch update 1.5. And while that's certainly good news for folks who have been waiting for the enigmatic character to finally drop into the fight, it seems a bit weird that Blizzard treated the occasion more or less like any other standard patch.

Sombra has been working in the shadows of Overwatch since the days of beta testing. Players have seen traces of the character pop up from time to time over the months since the game's arrival, but usually as nothing more than a clever Easter egg hidden either in the game or at one of the Blizzard sites. Then there was a whole Overwatch-focused ARG all about Sombra, which many folks was going to lead to her final reveal. That didn't actually come until at the recent Blizzcon event, where Sombra was finally given her moment to shine.

Apparently, that was plenty for Blizzard, as Sombra has now been made available without any notification outside of a mention in this week's standard patch notes. You would think they would put together a special trailer for the day of launch or at least done a big story on the front page discussing the journey to her arrival. Instead, it came off more as "business as usual," despite the fact that they've been teasing the character for months and months.

In the recent notes for Patch 1.5, we see that Sombra is a new offensive hero who also happens to be the world's most notorious hacker. Sombra can actually hack her opponents, disabling one of their abilities, or even health packs and turrets, "making them useless to her opponents." She sounds like one of those characters who is a blast to play and a real pain to play against. Also at Sombra's disposal are a machine pistol, optic camouflage and a translocator that can be thrown like a grenade and instantly teleported to. Her ultimate is, of course, an EMP that disables shields and barriers in a wide range.

Sombra is only part of the equation for this latest Overwatch patch, however, with players finally getting access to an "Arcade" mode that features set-ups that aren't ideal for standard competitive play. There's also a new map called Ecopoint: Antarctica, which serves as the installation where Mei-Ling Zhou used to be stationed.

Overwatch also received the standard array of game balance tweaks, and this patch serves as the kick off for Season 3 competitive play. Finally, if you got a PS4 Pro, this update will bring the game up to your new standards.

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