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One of the big Wii U exclusives that rocked the system early on in its lifespan is making a comeback. Only this time the game isn't being released on the Wii U, it's being released on the Xbox One, PS4 and even the Nintendo Switch.

That's right... Lego City Undercover is scheduled to release on the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in spring of 2017, according to the official Lego Group Twitter account.

This is actually really great news because Lego City Undercover was a truly underrated game that came out way back in 2013 for the Wii U. TT Games put a lot of heart and soul into the title, giving gamers a family-friendly take on the Grand Theft Auto formula within a large, open-world environment.

One of the things that really stood out with Lego City Undercover was that it offered gamers a way to engage in an open-world without being a criminal. Similar to Sleeping Dogs, players took on the role of a cop, Chase McCain, who was out to bring down various criminals within Lego City.

The story was layered more than it had any right to be, with a prequel game, for the Nintendo 3DS explaining how Chase became one of the best cops in the city called Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins. The game was originally designed to help introduce players to Chase when he was a rookie and how he moved up the ranks to become both feared by criminals and respected by the public.

The original events of Lego City Undercover take place throughout Lego City, and the game gained a lot of praise for Chase being able to transform into various characters and use different disguises throughout the adventure in order to subdue criminals.

Of course, what's an open-world Lego game without some of those sweet, sweet vehicles? Lego City Undercover was identical to GTA in the way that players could operate vehicles scattered throughout the city. And in some cases, it was possible to even build transportation out of loose Lego bricks. The vehicles ranged from cars and trucks to helicopters and boats, and plenty of other vehicular transportation in between.

The news about the game coming to new platforms sent a ripple-wave of questions toward the Lego Group Twitter account from eager and interested fans. A lot of people asked if PC was getting in on the action, and the Lego Group confirmed that Lego City Undercover would be coming to Steam for PC. They also asked about Linux and Mac support, but details on those versions are said to be coming at a later date.

People also asked about the Nintendo-specific references within the game that utilized Nintendo trademarks, and the Lego Group also mentioned that they would be discussing those details at a later date. It's interesting because they mention that the game is a re-release but they don't call it a "remaster", so I'm wondering what the actual state of the game will be on the consoles: will the resolution and frame-rate be upped? Will there be new features or just converted versions from the Wii U release? Lots of questions, but the answers are apparently coming soon.

The real highlight is that the game will be available in spring for the Nintendo Switch as well, so maybe it'll earn some new players that missed out on the game when it originally launched for the Wii U several years ago.

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