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With three demos under their belt, it's safe to say that the PlayStation 4 crowd has a pretty good idea of what to expect when Resident Evil VII finally arrives early next year. But for you folks feeling left out on the Xbox One and PC, your wait is almost up when it comes to taking Biohazard for a test drive.

According to the latest announcement from Capcom, the Resident Evil VII demo will finally arrive on Xbox One in just a few days, arriving on Microsoft's home console on Dec. 9. If you're gaming on the PC, you'll still be able to scare up some fun through the Christmas holiday, with the RE7 demo arriving on that platform come Dec. 19.

Resident Evil VII is receiving more hype and love than any of the series' offerings in recent memory. There are quite a few reasons for that. For starters, many feel that the series has been on a downward slide since it abandoned its survival horror roots for more action-heavy romps. If you've seen any of the media tied to the game up to this point, then you know that this latest offering from Capcom is all about horror. Also, this is the first game in the main series to take place from the first-person perspective, which means all of those monsters and spooky moments will be straight up in your grill.

Thirdly, for folks gaming on the PlayStation 4, the game has had a whopping three demos so far, giving folks the chance to see firsthand exactly what Resident Evil VII is all about. So far, folks are liking what they're experiencing, which does wonders for building more buzz.

Finally, the entire game will be playable in VR. I could be wrong, but I think that makes Resident Evil the first long-running, major game series to offer its entire campaign in virtual reality, which is a pretty big deal. If things go well for RE7, we might see other developers follow suit.

In case you haven't been following all of the Biohazard buzz lately, the third and final update to the demo went live over the weekend following an announcement during the PlayStation Experience. Capcom and Sony have been real chummy as of late, which probably explains why the PS4 has experienced six months' worth of Resident Evil demos while the Xbox and PC crowd have been left twiddling their thumbs. The good news is, those groups can shotgun the entire thing at once. According to Capcom, the Xbox One and PC demo will be the full shebang, so you can strap in for all three experiences at once rather than having them drip-fed to you over the course of half a year.

Resident Evil VII launches Jan. 24.

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