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If you've ever been playing Overwatch and thought to yourself, "I really wish Genji would just get hit by a car," you're in luck! That can happen in the game's latest map and, rather than avoiding vehicles, some folks are actively rushing into traffic for laughs.

This video comes to us from the folks over at Eurogamer. The latest map for Overwatch, called Oasis, features moving cars. Much more than an aesthetic touch, though, these cars are driven by folks who straight up can't be bothered to find the brake pedal.

In other words, the cars are an environmental hazard and, yep, they can totally ruin your hero's day. One minutes you're running around as Reaper and the next minute you're plastered to the front of oncoming traffic.

Of course, Overwatch isn't a graphic or even particularly violent game, so these car crashes usually result in rather comedic flailings. To put that to the test, the Eurogamer team decided to take each character for a test drive on the busy highways of Oasis, making them emote in the midst of oncoming traffic.

The video is the work of Johnny Chiodini, who wanted to do a walkthrough of Oasis while it was in the testing phases. Chiodini comments on how the map is nicely compact with a lot of different levels, as well as complements the existence of a jump pad.

Before long, our narrator discovers the roadway and admits that he "got a bit carried away." From there, the show is all about hit and runs withal Overwatch heroes meeting an untimely end on the hood of a car.

We especially like Reaper's death, as his pose basically makes it look like he's accepted his fate and is just waiting for the end to hit him at 137 miles per hour. You've also gotta love Torbjorn's dance of demise, as he starts cartwheeling through the air after coming face to face with a future mobile. Roadhog, of course, just kind of falls over. Even a car can't toss that dude through the air.

The one thing these all have in common? They're an instant death for your character. It's probably something your parents taught you a long time ago and, in Overwatch, it holds true that you should always look both ways before crossing the road.

We're all for environmental hazards, as they tend to give players a little something extra to think about outside of merely working with teammates and outthinking their opponents. Here's hoping more deadly devices make it into Overwatch as more fun maps get added to the roster.

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