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With the first Star Wars Battlefront recently celebrating its first birthday and EA announcing that a sequel is on the way next year, it turns out that one of the most highly requested features from fans will be making it into the sequel.

Ask anyone who has played Battlefront what they would like to see in the next game and they will almost assuredly tell you, "a single player campaign." Eurogamer recently had a chat with DICE producer Paul Keslin, who said that player feedback has been heard loud and clear and, when the follow-up to Battlefront arrives, a single player story will be in tow.

Myself as a Star Wars fan, I want a story, I want narrative, I want something I can play that immerses me in that world but gives me something to follow and chase.

That is, of course, fantastic news. Battlefront was well received when it arrived last November, but along with the absence of space battles at the time, fans were seriously disappointed in the fact that there was no campaign to work through. A year's worth of DLC has brought along plenty of new weapons, Heroes, abilities, weapons and maps but, so far, nothing resembling a narrative for players to sink their teeth into.

That all looks to change with the next Battlefront game, which Paul Keslin said will have its own story to tell. It's kind of fantastic timing, as I was just saying yesterday that, with the Rogue One DLC coming up and the movie about to launch, it sure would be nice to see a bit of story in that next game.

Whether or not the tale will patch together pieces of previous films, bridge a couple of pieces of fiction, or tell a completely unique story is unknown, but it's at least nice to know that something is in the works.

DICE wowed us with the Battlefield 1 campaign this year, so we know that they have figured out how to tell a compelling story within the framework of what is typically an online experience for most players. And another EA game proved how important a campaign can be this year: Titanfall 2. The original Titanfall was well liked, but it had an almost 100 percent focus on online play and a nearly incomprehensible story running through the background. A fantastic campaign made it into Titanfall 2, not only enhancing the total package, but also giving players better context for what, exactly, is happening in multiplayer.

Now that we know that Battlefront's sequel is getting a campaign, here's hoping it's just as compelling as everything else the game has to offer.

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