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Nintendo Switch

It's impossible not to have seen or heard anything about the Nintendo Switch over the past week. The console has been everywhere across social media and enthusiast news sites. Well, all of the hoopla has actually encouraged Xbox boss Phil Spencer to chime in on the matter.

Spencer made the comments on his Twitter account, expressing how "fresh" the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey looked, as well as saying that the launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild should be great. The response came after someone asked Spencer what he thought about the Nintendo Switch following the January 12th presentation in Tokyo, Japan.

Even though Spencer thinks the hybrid capabilities of the system should be fun -- being able to play games on the go or sit at home and play them on the big screen -- not everyone has been as amiable toward the console due to the price tag. $299 has been a tall order for some while others are okay with it. The biggest issue is that people who only want the portable aspects are also getting the home console stuff while people who only want the home console are also getting the portable stuff.

The Joy-Con functionality, while impressive, is also another reason the price tag is so high. The ability to utilize motion controls, detachable playable and split-screen play when used in the portable mode between the left and right Joy-Con controllers is also a cool feat. However, the price tag for the Joy-Con pair is $80 separately, which has caused a lot of grumbling within the community.

Spencer doesn't get into a debate about the price tag, the features or the compatibility. He's known for making one-off positive comments to competitors and congratulating them on certain milestone achievements. He's done it before with Sony and he's doing it now with Nintendo. That sort of amicable behavior has actually led to a lot of fans asking Spencer about possible Xbox exclusives making their way to other platforms.

In this particular case, Spencer's feed is filled with requests to have Rare Replay ported over to the Nintendo Switch. In all reality that would actually be really awesome, but as others have pointed out in the feed: Microsoft is the publisher and they're not putting a high profile Xbox exclusive on another system that isn't their own.

Some people retorted that Microsoft has released Minecraft on every platform under the sun, but it was also pointed out that Minecraft was third-party and on lots of other platforms well before Microsoft stepped in and purchased it.

For the most part, there have been people reading a bit too much into Spencer's tweets. He's doing nothing but congratulating a competitor on making a big impression on the market. Whether or not the Nintendo Switch is a big seller is a whole other topic, but at least Spencer seemed appreciative of the different sort of take on the gaming industry that Nintendo is bringing to the table with the Switch.

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