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With Resident Evil VII set to launch this week, some enterprising folks have decided to see what the first game in the series would look like if it was also played from the first-person perspective and, actually, it's not bad.

We're not making an argument that Resident Evil games should take place from the first-person perspective, just that the view works well even in the series' oldest incarnation. As is being reported by Gamespot, Youtuber Rod Lima has taken some content from the Resident Evil remake and shifted the perspective so that it looks like the game is being played like Halo or Call of Duty. According to the initial report, Lima took animation data from the more recent remake of the first Resident Evil and wrote a script that gives the game its new look.

Of course, this would not have worked nearly so well back in the day. We're trying to imagine what the original Resident Evil would have looked like from the first-person view and the results aren't that pretty. The PlayStation game console wasn't quite ready for graphics that were that demanding, and we imagine a FPS zombie kill-a-thon would have looked a bit like mud and soot smeared across a television screen.

Fans of the original Resident Evil will recognize this scene as one taking place early in the game. Playing as Jill Valentine, we head into the series' first encounter with a zombie. The camera appears to be a bit spastic at times but, otherwise, the clip looks pretty good. Lima explains in the video's description that there are some issues with the sound, including the fact that the gun is far too loud since it was never supposed to be that close to the camera in the first place.

If nothing else, this has made us eager to see the original Resident Evil, or just about any classic game with an iconic setting, translated over to something like PlayStation VR. It would be great to feel like we were walking through a mansion that scared the hell out of us a good 25 years ago.

It's kind of the reverse of my experience so far with Resident Evil VII. My first time playing the game was in VR, only tackling the standard view when I got home and replayed the demo. It was pretty wild to play a video game on my television screen that, in a weird way, felt like a place I had actually been in.

According to Lima, they're still working on perfecting the experience of playing Resident Evil in first-person, but they don't state whether or not it will eventually be a full mod for everyone to enjoy. Here's hoping.

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