Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Getting A Companion App For Multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ App
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Companion apps are all the rage these days. Many AAA titles feature a companion app for mobile devices whether it's to handle tertiary in-game tasks or perform some other task. In the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the companion app actually works in synch with the game's multiplayer.

Over on the Apex HQ website, they reveal that the Mass Effect: Andromeda app is called the Apex HQ. It allows gamers to modify their character's loadout ahead of dropping into a match, as well as modifying and setting up the strike teams, and receiving info and stats on the multiplayer portion of BioWare's newest sci-fi epic.

You can easily make use of the app by downloading it from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store. Once you log into the app you'll have to attach it to your EA Account that you're using for Mass Effect: Andromeda. On home consoles, this would be the EA Account that you use to access their online multiplayer, whereas on PC this would be your EA Origin account.

Once you log into the app you'll have instant access to multiplayer stats, character progression, and other information. If you haven't played the multiplayer portion of the game then nothing will show up.

You can see each of the characters you have on your profile and which classes you've unlocked. Through the main menu, you can also alter your character's skill stats by applying points to their various specifications. You can also change around the weapons they'll take out into the field, as mentioned at the top of the article.

The app can also be used to make and arrange for Strike Teams to be sent out on missions for you. This is probably one of the most useful features of the Apex HQ app. The Strike Teams in Mass Effect: Andromeda are squads that you can send out to complete multiplayer missions for you, in case you want to reap the rewards and benefits from multiplayer but without actually playing the multiplayer.

You can use the app to recruit team members for the Strike Team and equip them with the gear you feel best suits their abilities. This level of customization will allow players to determine the success that the team has out on the battlefield.

This essentially means you can use the app to reap rewards and benefits in Mass Effect: Andromeda even while you're not actually playing the game.

The also allows you to view your progress and prestige in the game and what you've accomplished so far in the title.

The app doesn't seem to be absolutely essential for progressing in Mass Effect: Andromeda but it'll likely be useful for people who may be short on time when it comes to actually playing the multiplayer but want to reap the rewards through using Strike Teams while they're on the go.

The Apex HQ app for Mass Effect: Andromeda is available right now for Androids and iPhones. You can expect the game itself to launch for home consoles and PC starting March 21st.

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