The Crazy Mistake That Led Amazon To Cancel Some Persona 5 Orders

Persona 5
(Image credit: Amazon)
(Image credit: Amazon)

Even though Persona 5 has a pretty outlandish plot centering around invading dreams and shaping reality with special powers, no one expected that a bit of that outlandishness would affect the game's pre-orders for PS4, especially when Amazon labeled the contents as "dangerous".

Polygon is reporting that Amazon cancelled some of the pre-orders for Persona 5. Why? There was a crazy mistake that led to that happening, and Atlus had to do a bit of investigating after they received complaints from those who pre-ordered the "Take Your Heart" special edition following e-mails from Amazon indicating that the pre-orders had been canceled due to dangerous materials being included in those orders.

Both Atlus and Amazon ended up coming to the conclusion that something was amiss, and it was. Amazon had mistakenly labeled the special "Take Your Heart" editions bundled with the premium steelbook as "dangerous". In the e-mail that Polygon cited in the article, Amazon stated that there were substances in the premium editions of Persona 5 that made it untenable to ship the products.

Strangely enough, this only happened to a small number of customers who pre-ordered the limited steelbook edition of Persona 5 from Amazon.

Atlus has confirmed to the news outlet that the packages do not contain any harmful or dangerous materials and that there were no "dangerous goods" contained within the limited or premium SteelBook editions of the upcoming North American release of the newest Persona title.

Since only a small number of individuals were affected by this issue, it's not likely going to change the first-day sales performance of the game in the West.

Persona 5 originally came out back in 2016, in late summer here, and early fall in Japan. The game launched with remarkably high critical scores for PS3 and PS4. The long-running Shin-Megami Tensei series introduced a lot of style into the gameplay experience, still sporting the traditional turn-based JRPG mechanics that were made famous more than 30 years ago.

The combat system sports lots of style and panache, and for gamers who have already experienced the Japanese version of the title, they're quite in love with it.

It's no surprise that the strong following for the Shin-Megami Tensei series led to a lot of early pre-orders for the game for its April 4th release three weeks from now.

Unfortunately, a few people had some issues with the pre-ordering of the special edition of the game, and it did put a slight hamper in their Persona hype, but, thankfully, Atlus was quick to get the whole thing straightened out and resolved before April 4th arrived.

If you managed to receive the e-mail from Amazon about the pre-order for the special edition of the game being cancelled, Atlus suggests contacting Amazon to get the situation straightened out.

The Persona 5 "Take Your Heart" edition costs $59.99 and comes with a steelbook collectible case, a soundtrack CD, a Morgana plush doll and a 64-page art book, along with a school bag. Polygon notes that the "Take Your Heart" edition of the game is no longer available on Amazon, but the steelbook edition is still available. The standard version of the game and the special edition that comes with the steelbook are still available.

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