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Bungie has been rolling out a whole bunch of Destiny news as of late, preparing players for the popular FPS' last hoo-rah before heading full throttle into Destiny 2. Unfortunately, it looks like one overzealous retailer may have stolen their thunder for the next game in the series, potentially revealing the release date ahead of schedule.

The good ship Destiny 2 already has a leak, which the folks over at Kotaku shared this morning in the form of a tweeted image.

The above comes from an Italian retailer who just couldn't contain their excitement for Destiny 2. We suppose it should be expected at this point that, if you send promotional material to retailers nice and early, someone is going to ignore all of the warnings and documentation explaining when, exactly, they can share said promotional material with the rest of the world. This particular retailer jumped the gun by showing off the Destiny 2 poster, as well as a couple of pieces of information revealed on said poster.

Based on the poster, Destiny 2 will have a beta leading into the game's final launch, and it looks like the PlayStation 4 crowd will get early access to that trial run. Otherwise, in keeping with the standard Destiny timeline, it looks like Destiny 2 is set to launch this year on September 8. Taking a quick gander at a calendar, you'll see that date falls on a Friday. It's not unheard of for a big game to have a Friday launch, but it's also very possible that we're looking at the European launch date. If that's the case, Destiny 2 might be hitting the US as early as Sept. 5.

As far as what we can see in the image, there's a trio of Guardians (all human dudes from the look of things) with no helmets charging down a hill, weapons at the ready. While their faces are revealed, that's clearly a Titan in the foreground, a Warlock leading the charge and a cloaked hunter in the rear. Since there's an emphasis on their faces, that's got us wondering if Destiny 2 will have a more focused story with a specific band of heroes at its core. Then again, we know that players will be able to bring over the look of their characters from the first Destiny, so maybe we're off base here. Or, maybe there's a campaign mode meant to strengthen the original game's somewhat weak narrative with a much more linear path and an open world mode where you play as your own Guardian.

Again, that's all speculation. We'll have to wait for Bungie to break silence to get the full details and, now that the cat is out of the bag, maybe we can expect those details in the very near future.

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